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Isle of Rosie

Went for an impromptu weekend away this week which was nice. My friend Rosie lives on the Isle of Wight and has made loads of effort traveling round the country keeping in touch with everyone without anyone returning the favour. So as nothing much was afoot this weekend I hopped on a train (one train – all the way from Cardiff to Portsmouth – tres easy!) and by 11pm on Friday I was there. Somehow the journey takes from 6-11 door to door on the way there and 5-11 on the way back…including a BUS! Bloody Sunday transport.

Anyway being me and Rosie we didn’t really get up to much, completed my Janathon miles, went shopping, watched some cheesy DVDs, vowed to learn the entire Les Miserables soundtrack/script by 2012 and then go and annoy people seated near us in by acting it out from start to finish in a Westend theatre…pretty standard Scallon and Phillips behaviour!

Currently however I am en route back to Cardiff, having totally forgotten about our ‘weigh in’ tonight and have eaten toast, pasta and bread and butter pudding today…again! Oops. There’s got to be exceptions when you’re at someone elses house though surely…can’t demand what you’d have at home.

Final thought for the day…a guy has just got on the train and sat 2-3 seats away. He’s eating. Over the whistles on the platform and roar of the engine as the train departs Bath Spa I can hear everything going on in his mouth. It’s vomit worthy. So I ask…do some people really eat/chew louder than others? If yes how the heck do you ‘learn’ not to chomp like a cow…noisy even when chewing with your mouth closed. Or is it just me having particularly good hearing when someone is sloshing skittles around their chops like something in a slurry pit.



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