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Febolutions anyone?

Ok so we’re one month in, and I’m already down a few resolutions (oops). But then that is why I make so many! Time for a resolution update:

  1. Learn the guitar – This one is awaiting me getting a basic guitar book. Which for some reason I keep forgetting to do. Maybe I’ll have a quick look now while I’m on lunch….Ok a *very* brief peruse of EBay suggests it’s going to take a bit of research, there doesn’t seem to be one particular ‘learners’ book like there was for the flute. However I’m not that busy this weekend and so should have time to go poke around some music shops in Cardiff, get back on track.
  2. Learn at least basic Spanish – Another one where I hit a hurdle and quite simply failed to jump. I downloaded ‘Coffee Break Spanish’ podcasts to my iPhone to listen to in the car. However after listening to the first 3 once on the way to work, they refused to play again! Haven’t tried anything to try and fix it yet, but I do remember how to ask you how you are! Que tal? 😀
  3. Complete Janathon – Epic fail. I think I made it to day 18 with the running, 3 more days of exercising on the Xbox and then, I simply couldn’t do another squat (it’s ALL squats and lunges). I gave up. First resolution to be scrapped…it’s not even February. Uh oh!
  4. Get and stay below 11st (ideally reach the goal weight of 10.5st!) This is going well! I’m currently hovering around 1lb/2lbs above 11 stone….actually thinking I might make it to 10.5 by my birthday if I join the gym and start swimming like I was planning.
  5. Save for travelling – £200 went into my savings yesterday!
  6. Say yes more – Have done this a lot 🙂 currently *thinking* about saying yes to a skiing holiday in March, works for this one and R9 but then goes against R5, tricky!
  7. Drink at least 2 litres of water and eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day – Going very well! Have seen a marked difference in my skin too, water is amazing stuff! I might be being a bit generous with my definition of a ‘portion’ but I’m having 3/4’s of a plate of salad/veg and 2/3 pieces of fruit every day, that’s good enough for me!
  8. Complete Project365 – Haven’t missed a day yet, with a little help from Steve! Picturama!
  9. Make more effort with friends/family/sexy boyfriend – I went back to Bristol this weekend to a party and managed to go for lunch/drinks with 2 other friends separately beforehand (good effort!). I’ve been making an effort to call all my family that I can’t see on a regular basis, and have been SUPER organised with birthdays (win) and we’ve had some really lovely times in the flat this month, but I ALWAYS think I can do better as far as Steve is concerned so will be making extra boyfriend effort in February.
  10. Do the 3 peaks challenge for Childline – Did start researching this one, not sure it’s going to be a goer yet though, sounds far harder than originally expected.
  11. Fill terramundi £2 coin pot – it’s getting fuller!!!

So….there we are, all updated. Down to 10 now (a nice round figure) with no Febolutions (see what I did there) to add to it… far, okay!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Interesting goals, wishing you much luck 🙂

  2. Janathon was not an epic fail for you 21 days out of 31 is I think 2/3 and a very good effort. Febulation that you missed off was – make brownies more often-my family are demanding that I do as are work colleagues, thank you for the recipe

  3. Gato is Spanish for cat! Always made me laugh. Haha.

    Do you and Steve do anything specific regularly? I know someone who has date night every week – take it in turns to decide what they do (restaurants, cinema, film/takeaway, pub, etc.) and make an effort to spend that one evening a week together.

    Anyway, well done, lots of great work and achievements for you from what your blog suggests. Also, great read! I look at my blog now and think I need to up the ante, haha.

    Here’s to a productive February!

  4. Also before I forget, perhaps if the England, Scotland, Wales 3 peaks challenge is looking a lot harder, maybe looking into another 3 peaks? Unless you’re dead set on the ‘proper’ one. I know there’s one in the Lake District, which I’m 99.9% sure includes the England highest peak!


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