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I’ve spent most of my day fantasising. Just before lunch I was seriously imagining what pasta would taste like on a jacket potato…possibly between 2 slices of bread. Sort of a pasta and jacket potato sandwich. I think my body was telling me it was time to quit being off the carbs! I managed not to go mad at lunch though, had a sausage roll and a slice of baguette with salad….avoided putting the available lasagne on a potato!! This afternoon my mind began to wonder to more pamper filled places, a bath boardered by candles with a nice glass of wine, and home made pizza for tea…mmmm! Having shared the plans with the OH he was up for making me pizza…win!!!! However having had Ben and Jerrys and cocktails (virgin)  last night, quitting Janathon half way through and drinking my weight in alcohol on the weekend (first time I’ve been drunk since Halloween) I was feeling less than body beautiful. It was time to put Febathon into action!

I’d suggested (before quitting Janathon) that I would try to run every other day in Feb, thinking it might not be as tough on my body as Jan and that would mean I’d make it. I at least had to try. So having driven home with my windscreen wipers 1 notch away from full I put my trainers straight on while feeling determined and headed out onto Lloyd George Avenue….eeek!

The Gods were seriously against me though. It was chucking it down with rain and the wind was so harsh it blew my headphones out of my ears not once, or twice but THREE TIMES!!!! Also after running through a stitch (success!!) my ipod decided that Cascada ‘Everytime we touch – candlelight remix’ was an acceptable running song. Then when trying desperately to skip the track, while running and keeping my phone dry I somehow managed to set it so the track changes when you shake the phone….while running…excellent! It took me another half a mile to realise that was what had happened….a half a mile where about 1-2 minutes through a song my phone would randomly go BACK TO THE CASCADA CANDLELIGHT SONG…. AARRRGHHHHH!!! Not that I could always tell as my headphones were either falling out or being blown out my ears anyway…nightmare!!! I’m SO proud that I didn’t stop…even though it meant that by the time I got home I looked like this!

It was raining HARD!

I was still smiling though…because I knew what was coming! The laptop went on, Spotify provided me with some relaxing music created by the wonderful Aaron Zigman, I collected and lit every candle in the flat and filled my bathtub with scalding water and Soap and Glory bubbles and picked up my Scrapbooking Magazine….

Pure bliss

Oh guys….it was so good 🙂 I can’t even convey to you how perfect it was. In fact, I really didn’t think anything could make my evening more perfect until my gorgeously AMAZING boyfriend came home with these…

Beautiful flowers.

And all the ingredients for fresh home made pizza with parma ham/chorizo and halloumi cheese AND a big bar of Dairy Milk. If this is a sign of things to come I think me and February are going to get along juuuust fine!

Mmmm pizza!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Oh what a lovely post to read on a blustering, chilly February evening. Well done on running through your stich/wind/rain/music problems and what a lovely thing of Steve to do! Perhaps he’s taking a leaf out of one of your resolutions.

    Don’t eat too much Dairy Milk at once, you do have enough chocolate to last you til December arriving, haha.

  2. God think Febathon will be fantastic if it continues like this. Good luck

  3. Sooooo glad to have you back – subscribed to your blog now so am looking forward to seeing how you go with Febathon. I’m aiming for 4 runs a week.

    Loved your brownie mixture, not quite worked up to making them yet tho as I think I might eat it all and that would be bad.


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