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20,000 tweets…..

Here it is… a bit of a cheat really writing a blog to mark something which is supposed to only be 140 charactors. But I wanted to mark it in someway, afterall 20,000 tweets at 140 characters each would probably beat this blog in the word counts, but how do you mark something which is really no mean feat. There’ll be no confetti (despite @mict88’s suggestion), no parade or shout out from Chris Moyles. At the end of the day 20,000 is just a number which, more than anything, suggests I have too much free time or too much to say! I thought it might be nice taking a look back at how much things have changed since I sent my first tweet back in February 2009.

Since then I’ve moved cities. Changed jobs. Been to Thailand. Moved in with a boy (a brilliant boy). The world has elected the first black President, my university elected me! I’ve made a few friends, lost a few as well. There’s a games console which requires no controller. People I know and love have got married, had babies. My mum has joined twitter too.

I’m pretty sure my first tweet was the bog standard ‘so…I’m tweeting!’ kind of thing. Not many people I know in the real world were into it, it seemed far cooler to say you didn’t tweet rather than you did. People still believed the media hype that it was some random site where people shared stories about what they were having for tea that night (that’s a #dinnertweet for those not in the know!). Honestly, 80% of my ‘flesh friends’ are still a bit twitterphobic, even though “tweeting” has become the platform for breaking news, raising awareness for charities or missing people and getting an insight into the lives of idols.

 Now I tweet about…well, probably far too much! I have ‘tweeps’ (or tweethearts for my real faves) who have become people I turn to for advice (from #chooseday dilemmas to real life questions). To share frustrations or joys and to be more knowledgeable than the daily news.  They made me feel comfortable about going to a massive festival, offered me friends and a comfort zone. They have taught me skills and jokes and showed me how to use hashtags. They coined names like the fail whale. There have been ‘tweetups’ like #twisto where we discovered that we get on as well in real life as we do in a 140 character conversation. They have offered something that makes you realise that not all the people in the world should fall under that ‘stranger danger’ bracket, that when you really look they can help you find the joy in life.  Tweeting has given us a whole new insight into the lives of people we know well, and the lives of strangers. Twitter has introduced me to some hilarious things (this week it was, some brilliant people (like @laura_b_r, @surrygirlsoph, @misspeg @stevie269 and @missellabell….there are so many more, but those are 5 of my faves!) and kept me entertained when I would otherwise be bored.

So this, my 20,000th tweet is dedicated to Twitter and all who use it. From those who have been with it from the start to those who started yesterday. To everyone who has said hello or followed me and to those that will in the future. To the tweeps I speak to every day (more than some of my flesh friends) and yet have never met and the ones for which Twitter is just another way to bug me. This one’s for you!

Update: 7th feb
Would just like to say a big thank you to @mict88 for the confetti…sent to me by post and arriving the same day as I posted this. Impeccable timing and much appreciated! Further proof that my tweeps are AWESOME!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. I just joined twitter yesterday and already I can see it’s addicting powers!


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