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3 things February…

So last week I heard about this new thing going round called ‘3 things February’ invented by Sarah Rooftops. The idea behind it being that we all need to make more effort to find the joy in life. Sarah’s idea is that we should spend a little time to think of 3 things each day which made us happy. These can be anything at all which brought a smile to your face, and then you post them out however you like…three words in a tweet, three paragraphs in a blog, part of your journal…I’m guessing Sarahs blog can explain it better….Anyway, I decided to give this a go! I like finding silver linings in the world and this seems to go well with that mentality.

So…here goes nothing! Today my 3 things were all delivered to me in some way….


One by a postman



One by a student





One by a courier



There were lots of smiley moments in my day, February seems to be full of sunshine, but still, I have been told you can only pick 3 things and these are the three I am having….

Just after lunch a student delivered a little pot of honey, made on the college by the students who study there. They look after the bees and sell the honey to raise money for the project and charities. It tastes DELICIOUS! And look at how cute it is….




Then our porter at work emailed me to say that a rather large parcel had been courier delivered to me… Arrghhh excitement!!! So excited…because it was THIS!


My extra special Cadbury chocolate hamper that I won! If you’re not playing Spots vs Stripes then I suggest you start. Spots are of course by far the best team and you can win all sorts of prizes! I won this loveliness in a game of twitter dodgeball! Amazing!!


I’d had a heads up today that it might be a good idea to check the post when I get home (something I do not normally do) and to my delight I wasn’t disappointed! I don’t know if many of you will have heard of the ‘pay it forward’ thing going round Facebook last week. The idea was you post that you were playing as your status and the first 5 people to comment would receive a handmade gift from you at some point in 2011. Each person that comments then must post that they are playing as their status so the game continues…do you see? Well today I received my first parcel….and it’s quite literally amazing! I have the best friends!


That’s a hand made card, origami heart and a hand sewn iPhone case…all made by the amazing Miss Peg (hence the peg you can see there)! Having not even THOUGHT about what I’m going to do yet all this effort has put me to shame…I’m so impressed and totally in love with the phone case. I was looking at buying one just this weekend, so thanks so much Fi 🙂 you’re a star!!

So yes, while I have had a really good day (bit topsey turvey tbh but more ups than down) these three certainly stood out….February is continuing to make me smile and I’m enjoying every minute!!


Ps here’s a closer look at that chocolate…



I especially love the tea towel, mug and bear!!!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Nom nom nom. That chocolate hamper looks amazing…

    Liking the 3 things February idea – February is the crappiest month, could really do with cheering up.

    Can’t comment on the new layout cos I’m using my phone – all blogs look the same…

    B x

  2. Yay! Glad you’re joining in!

  3. Wow, what a brilliant three things. Hamper and honey, mmmmm.


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