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3 things February – 16th.

I’m not very well again today, so have spent most of my time in bed. What did poorly people do before laptops? It must have been so boring! I, however, have been lucky enough to have a world of entertainment at my fingertips. Most of my day has been spent looking at DIY inspiration, a hobby of mine for that day when I have my own house. Being that I’m still yet to go travelling or anything I’m aware this day is far far away, but when i do find my house I want it to be full of things like this:

Decoupage chairs


I’ve always imagined my ‘dream house’ to be by a beach, one of those aged wood, light airy places with a big old porch that goes down onto the sand. If you’ve ever seen ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ then her beach house pretty much hits the nail on the head. I love things to be individual though, so could imagine my kitchen table or breakfast bar to be surrounded by decoupaged chairs, probably all slightly different because I could decide which paper I loved the most. It’s just so clever how you can take something so normal and turn it into something extraordinary with paper and glue. This example looks like a good dressing table seat. Could just imagine some glamorous lady doing her make up whilst sat on that gorge chair!







Something a little different:

So funky!

Steve will tell you I like to be a little ‘kooky’ at times. I totally fell in love with this idea when I saw it on a Lovely Undergrads blog (you should check it out, it’s really inspiring!). The idea that you don’t need to have a ‘regular’ bedside table, but could jazz it up by using a funky ladder, 2 step stool, a filing cabinet, whatever suits you and your room…genius! I especially love this one because it can add height to your room and be used to store other things (such as jewellry, as shown), however the lack of surface for a mug of tea could pose a problem…what would one do on a Sunday morning?! I suppose if you went for a more rustic wooden ladder with large flat steps then that wouldn’t be an issue. But there’s something about that charcoal grey wall and patent black ladder that is so elegant 🙂 all going in the ideas book!

Photos, photos, photos!


To some people maybe it looks like clutter, to me it is beauty. I watched a film yesterday where someone described photographs as ‘things for people who can’t remember’. Nonsense. I’m a very visually stimulated person. I painted my room at uni because I couldn’t bear the thought of another year in white…sooo dull! Then after painting 2 walls a gorgeous deep red I pretty much covered them all in photographs of my nearest and dearest. I love pictures, of people I love, the places we have been and the fun times we had together. Living in rent accomodation we are limited with the number of hooks and nails we can put in the walls (there’s not that much shelf space for frames either) but my grown up home will have memories everywhere….a total mod podge. Ha the further I get into this post the more I think Steve isn’t going to want to live here :S

Signature pieces


I’m hoping I’m going to be able to have all these things in a way that still looks elegant and not cluttered. My mum has photo walls, funky bookcases and diy flower pots without the place looking like an old antiques shop, I’m hoping I have aquired that skill over the years. I love to make things, from scrapbooking to Christmas stockings, I’m always looking for new things to try my hand at. This one caught my eye today…what an ingenius twist on a cork board!! They’ve taken a regular vase, covered it in cork tile and then covered that in fabric. At the moment I have no room for such an item, but one day I want one!!








Just for me:

Thanks Caroline 🙂

Someday soon we’re going travelling, all round the world to meet new people, learn about new cultures, recipes and languages. There’s going to be artwork, photo frames, furniture, all sorts of things I want to buy along the way, but I’m hoping when I get home (or when we find our home on the way) that I can make one of these. I can see some of the t shirts already… ‘same same but different’ from Thailand for example, diving expeditions we go on, maybe one from Everest base camp. Memories already make me cosy, this will be even better!

I’ve been at this for quite a few hours so I shan’t list ALL the wonderful things I have found. Blogs alone have given me all manner of inspiration so thanks so much to you for sharing your ideas and creations. For now I’m sticking to little wreaths and pegging photographs to my net light, but one day my house is going to be a treasure trove of diy triumphs and happy memories!

This has been my 3 things February for today 🙂 inspiration, beauty and a little kooky Katyness!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. If anyone has any ideas on how to edit this so it looks nice instead of either all bunched up or with massive spaces please PLEASE help me 😦

  2. I feel like I’ve learnt so much about you from this post, about who you are in a very different way than has Bern possible up until now. Your vision, your imagination for that future home, it’s fantastic. I hope one day you find your dream home and get to fill it with all of the things you talk about and more.

    Feel better soon!


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