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I’m having a bit of a ‘meh’ day today…seems like there’s rather a lot of these in the world of me at the moment, which considering I regard myself as a ‘glass half full’ type of girl is quite out of character. So, this post is dedicated to things on the horizon that I am looking forward to…in an attempt to prove to myself that the road ahead is NOT bleak and dismal but in fact full of fun things with fun people. So…let’s go!

That'll be us!


20th February – White Water Rafting.
That’s tomorrow! Steve and I are off to the Brecon Beacons for our second attempt at conquering the rapids! Last time unfortunatly the water levels were too low and so we had to postpone. I’m hoping last nights rain means this will not happen again and we’re in for a real adventure tomorrow. I’ve started to get excited for that now…feeling better already, this post is working!


7th March – It’s my Birthday!
Many people my age have reached the point where hitting the next year marker is cause for commiserations rather than celebrations, but I’m maintaining my theory of ‘you’re the youngest you’ll ever be’ and am actually (shock horror) actually quite looking forward to turning 24. It just seems like a nice number to be, as strange as that may sound. I’m not sure if I’ve said this before on here but I’ve had some weird feelings about 2011. I’m not one to usually have instincts about things or feelings about numbers but 2011 feels like it’s not going to be a great year, however with it being the Chinese year of the Rabbit (my birth year) and 24 being a nice number I feel like it could be an alright one for me, so, let’s see wha you’ve got!


12th March – Party Time!
I’m having a girls night in for my birthday (still trying to decide on some other activity to do with everyone else) and really looking forward to it, I decided I wanted a fortune telling evening, and as most boys I know would rather tweeze their underarms than attend such an event it seemed perfect for a ladies night. There will be wine, facemasks and girly chats, as well as the lovely Spooky Sue who’s coming to read our fortunes. Cannot wait!!



9th/10th April – London baby!!
A friend of mine is off round the world and having a Go Karting day/night out in London to send her off in style. Am also hoping for a Sunday lunch time tweet up with some of my fave Glasto buddies as I’ll be closer to them for once. That relies on Steve wanting to travel up for the day too though so we can all go together…bit of a wait and see on that one, but seeing Steph off will be fun nonetheless.


22nd April – 3rd May – Annual Leave!
Got to love a late Easter and Royal wedding meaning you get 9 days off for the price of 3 of your precious leave days! I really want to make the most of this time so Steve and I are planning to head off to visit my Nan in Grimsby for a few days, visit York like I have always wanted and then stay in Manchester for a night on the way back and go to the Chill Factore a bit of snowy fun! Steve has been learning to snowboard and wants to show me his skills on the real deal rather than a dry ski slope.



22nd-26th June – GLASTONBURY!!!
I’m far too excited for this considering it’s some 122 Days, 15 Hours and 59 Minutes away (Thanks @Glastocountdown)…have made a Spotify playlist and everything. Last year was just, amazing, it’s the most amazing place. Seriously, my ability to form sentences is impeded by my excitment. Regardless of headliners, weather (I say this though I have only been once and there was a heatwave) or internet access, it’s going to be epic!

Happy times.

So, I’m hoping some more things crop up to fill the gaps between May and June, which looking at how many things have sprung up over the forthcoming weeks I’m sure I won’t be left hanging. This half hour has done the trick, I’m feeling far more chipper. Nothing like finding lifes silver linings to put a smile back on your face. Happy Saturday everyone xx


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