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3 things February – for my weekend

Have been getting a bit slack with my 3 things this week, far too many of them have been a day late, or 2 days in one, which is odd because I really couldn’t tell you what is making me too busy to blog! Take yesterday for example…a very lazy day by all accounts. I walked to town for a last minute hair appointment that in the end I couldn’t have, and then came back to watch 2 games of rugby and 1 game of football. I didn’t make anything, really go anywhere, or do anything much…maybe that’s why I didn’t blog, because nothing really spurred me to do it. Not very well in keeping with the point of this 3 things business though!

Today however has been far busier…which in one way is nice, but also involved my mum going into the bathroom which, during the aforementioned ‘busyness’ of yesterday did not get cleaned…shame!

So, here are my 3 things for the weekend (241, or cheating, take it as you will!)

  1. Falling asleep on the sofa – I still see this as a luxury. I never really sat in the lounge at home when people were there and then for 2 out of my 5 years in Bristol I was in halls and didn’t really have sofas. The rest of the time saw me in flat shares where there was always something going on and, the sofa wasn’t really yours to fall asleep on you know? So last night, head in Steves lap with some (actually quite decent) movie on it was lovely to drift off without worrying about someone taking embarrasing photos, stacking things on top of you or waking you up. Bliss!
  2. It was SUNNY!! Did anyone else see blue skies?! I was lucky enough to see some nice weather when I went to London but Cardiff, for all it usually impresses me with the weather, has been pretty pants for the last 2 weeks. It really made me smile to see blue skies on my walk to the shops yesterday…so much so I stopped to take a photo!
  3. Family 🙂 My mum, step dad, brother and niece came to visit Cardiff today. Mum, Col, Ffion and I went to a big soft play area while John and Steve visited the Doctor Who exhibition and then we all went for lunch. It was just a really normal, chilled out Sunday. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house, so thanks you guys!

About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. I can’t really get excited about number 2 to be perfectly honest – what would I do for a bit of a chill factor right now!
    Buttt I fall asleep on the sofa on a regular basis, and usually wake up with a blanket over me, I’m such a nanna haha, and SOFT PLAY AREA?!?! So jealous!

    • You should go to a ski centre or something, surely Australia has snow domes? Go get cold for a few hours, then you’ll appreciate the heat again 😛

      Soft play day was pretty awesome! xx


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