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Good deed of the day…

…OR ‘Always Keep Your Wellies in Your Car’.

My commute takes me through some idyllic villages, my favourite of which has a stream running all the way through it. All the houses are on the far side of the stream, each with their own bridge leading up to it. I love that each bridge kind of matches the house it leads up to. So for example, there’s a rambly old farm house that has a little wooden bridge with vines and flowers growing over it, whereas at the end of the road there’s an old stone mill which has a stone bridge. I’d really love to walk around that village one day!

Which is why I was really sad when I drove past this this morning…

Sometimes the human race really disappoints me. In all fairness it might not have been on purpose, there were two recycling boxes in the river and the bottles had obviously come out of them. However when I was driving back this afternoon they were still there. How many people had driven or walked past this beautiful spot all day without stopping to do something about it? Seeing those ducks splashing around in the water surrounded by glass broke my heart, so I decided to do sort it out! Motto of the day kids? Always keep your wellies in your car! Mine have been in the boot since Glastonbury and for the second time this month they came in handy today. The ducks didn’t seem to think much of me invading their space, but I hope that they enjoyed the result.

10 minutes later this was what remained

A clean river, some happy ducks and a rather gratified (thanks @lawraah!) me. Good deed DONE!


Have you performed any good deeds lately? Would love to hear about them!


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  1. What a lovely act of kindness! As much as I love to help out, I probably wouldn’t have gone into a river to clear bottles…I should. Bravo to you! Those ducks should remember you for all eternity and if they don’t, well, you still did a good thing. Sometimes the greatest things are those that are done without anyone else really knowing, well, by the people who live around there anyway.

    The bridges sound awesome!

    Question is, what did you do with the boxes of bottles?!

  2. I left them on the drive, out of the way slightly so they wouldn’t just get pushed to one side (back into the river) if someone was in a rush, which is what I think might have happened in the first place. There were recycling boxes all the way along the road so I guessed the bin men hadn’t been yet. Even picked up a few more plastic bottles and cans from around the place and put them in the box…in for a penny and all that!

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