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Day 2 – Duex cent sept

I feel like I have walked the length and breadth of the entire city. Waking up to rain on your summer holiday does rather narrow your options, both in terms of what to do AND outfits! Eek.

After a breakfast of croissants we headed out on the metro to Valencia central in search of sites and things to do. I really want to hire those city bikes rather than getting the metro everywhere, they just look like so much fun! Valencia seems to be very geared up for this sort of transport, with bike racks on every corner and more cycle lanes than you can shake a stick at. There are also always people running, on rollarskates or other forms of healthy transport. My fave of which has to be the cross trainer bike, i want one!!

The tube deposited us right outside the Museo Taurino, a huge Colosseumesque building, and the Estacion del Norte (a train station which makes the ‘top ten things to do in Valencia’ list). From there we strolled through the streets taking in the sights. This ‘top things to do’ list (which we didn’t realise we were following till later) has some random things on it! For example the town post office (which to be fair is pretty impressive, but still!) and a modern arts museum which we strolled into to get out of the rain (boohoo). A few on the list, such as Catedral de Valencia however, were made to be impressive.

I like strolling round cities, interesting cities like this one anyway, where you happen across things without trying. Around the corner from a castle ruin there was a tree coming out of the top of a building. Worth a look? Turned put to be the Jardi Botanic, the entrance of which consists of a round roofless room containing the massive tree and hanging ivys that wouldn’t be out of place in Babylon! To the right of the entrance was an art exhibition with many impressive photographs. Steves fave was of a man herding sheep with a terrier which he found quite amusing. The dog did look too small to have had any effect on a huge herd of sheep! (and yes the irony of the sheep photo being the only one worth mentioning has not escaped us!). This attraction also offered uni sex toilets, a new one for Steve. He’s helping with the blog and thought that was worth a mention!

Round the corner from here We sat for a while at the Plaza de Vergen (apparently #2 out of 10) enjoying a coffee and a milkshake and people watching. I’ve definitely lost my touch at ‘guess the nationality’! Maybe fashions have changed world wide, or people just aren’t conforming to stereotypes anymore, just one grand international society which is nice! Being Easter Monday the majority of places were closed meaning we’ll be back here again later in the week to check out various markets and museums. Anyway after resting our feet (5 hour stroll in pumps, will I ever learn?!) for a while we headed into the Cathedral. There’s a small roped off point you can enter for free, or if you just wish to climb the tower. Just after paying to see Valencia from the tallest structure around a couple walked past us uttering the momentous words…Duex cent sept. There couldn’t possibly be a 207 step climb ahead of us though? Yup! Especially fun when 3/4’s the way there the spiral stairway narrows making passing on the stairs a life and death style adventure! The views from the top were pretty impressive making it all worth the fun, I’ll post pictures when I get home. At the top of the tower was a huge bell, HUGE and very noisy as we found out being there for 5 o clock. Left a definite ringing in your ears!! And I managed to get back down without killing myself or others. Success!

All the shops being closed does make life a tad difficult for two ‘hand luggage only’ travellers to buy essentials so after the cathedral we went in search of toiletries etc, took ages! Today however everything should be open (yippee!) so we’re taking a picnic to the City of Arts and Science, where we’ve already seen people on a segway tour…coooool!

Didn’t realise I had this linked to fb and twitter till I got back and had comments! Was lovely to read them, keep em coming!

Adios reader friends xx


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