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Valencia: The rest of it…

So blogging every day lasted a long time. Oops! Day 4 was pretty similar to day 3. To begin with it looked like it was going to be a day in the flat so a sunburnt Steve stayed in the shade. But he heroically made it to the beach to lie under an umbrella while people watching. We met a nice guy selling sunglasses who chatted to us for ages about studying in Belgium, Germany and Italy before coming to Valencia. He was singing Shakira while walking along the sand and stopped to explain it was Wyclef he liked, not the Spanish pop princess! I got some cool new shades (at a bargain price, because I’m quite the haggler don’t you know) and Steve was given a necklace as a pressie, lucky boy!

At around 6pm we travelled to the centre in search of food (Wok to Walk…very Spanish!) and looked around some shops. As night came on there were coffees and pancakes overlooking a fountain in the shadow of the town post office. Then we strolled over to the City of Arts and Sciences (CoAS from now on) to get some awesome photos of it all lit up! It really is an impressive sight.

Thursday was slightly cooler both in temperature and itinerary. The day began with a trip to the central market, after visiting the quick stop shop to collect enough water bottle labels to qualify for the 241 entry offer to CoAS later. The Market is one of the biggest around and offers all kinds of fresh food, from live eels to queso valencia (that’s cheese btw!). We bought a picnic which would have made the secret seven proud (except for the lack of ginger beer) and headed over to the CoAS.

First off was the Oceanografic where we were greeted with a sign saying ‘no food or drink’…uh oh! This meant we had to consume our feast before entering, did I mention there was enough for 7 people? Oh boy!

15 minutes later we rolled into the park. Inside there are all sorts of sea animals, including ginormous sharks, glow in the dark jellyfish, delicate sea dragons and DOLPHINS!!! (There was an awkward incident involving some *ahem* “fighting” walruses 😉 but I’ll leave that one up to your imagination.) Having never seen a dolphin show before I was most excited and they didn’t disappoint. They really are amazingly clever animals, if reincarnation exists I’d quite happily come back as one of those thank you!

After the show finished it was time for a visit to the IMAX 3D spherical cinema called the Hemisferic to watch Hubble. It was all about the telescope launched by the USA, the images it has projected back and the subsequent missions to repair it. Each audience member was given a headset (imagine Leforge from Star Trek next gen) which allowed you to watch in the language of your choice, only switching off or to Spanish 3 or 4 times…marvellous! We finished the day with a trip to the science museum, which is like @ Bristol or Techiquest only with live chicks which had Steve transfixed! Was good fun trying out all the interactive exhibitions. I especially liked seeing how long your intestines are (gross!) and seeing how loud I can shout! Steve’s fave was the marvel comic hero area and the sweets! Unfortunately they were from a display on pain and after a few sucks changed from sweet to spicy or very sour, a nasty shock!

That night was our last with Nial so we cooked a pizza and shared a bottle of wine while talking travels and culture. Was really fun! Will miss the Beach Home, basic as it is, it does have that ‘homely’ feel (clues in the name I suppose!).

The next morning I was up and about early to make sure we were all set to go on a tour of the hot springs, while Steve enjoyed a lie in and breakfast in bed (scrambled eggs after explaining that only unfertilised eggs end up in supermarkets and we weren’t eating unborn chicks after yesterday!) At around 10 he decided to get up only to realise there were blisters were his foot should be. I’m not over exaggerating here guys, there’s more blister than feet! The tour was off, and I was sent on a mission to acquire supplies from a pharmacy. Thank god for the iPhone again!

We patched Steve up, by once again taping his foot to his shoes. Slightly more civilised this time, using medical tape rather than the duct tape of Glastonbury times! It was time to say goodbye to Nial and head across town to our new abode, Rooms Deluxe. It’s COOL, google it!

We are in the music room, surrounded by staffs, notes and a guitar hanging from the ceiling! There are even wind up music boxes on the walls! My favourite touch however is the little step which allows you to climb out of the window on to the balcony. So cool!!

As Steve isn’t very mobile at the moment I’ve been amusing myself by sneaking into other rooms while they’re open for cleaning. I think we have one of the best, although the Buddhist style one down the hall is very pretty too! We’ve cooked burritos and pancakes and are generally making ourselves at home, but looking forward to being back in the UK from tomorrow! Not least for the medical experts to take a look at Mr Pickards feet!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our adventures! It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride but we have some awesome memories, have seen and done some cool things. Not bad for a week off work! Thanks Kate and Will 😉


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