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5 women I wish I could be:

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So often I get teased about my love for certain ladies, but I don’t care! I think we need to admire people; they give us something to aspire to! So today’s ‘5 things’ is my 5 fave women in the media. There are no politicians, scientists or activists in here as to be honest I don’t often see them on TV and feel a rush of ‘I want to be her!’ but these 5 make me feel that way regularly…

1. Julie Walters (She’s beautiful and funny)
2. Emma Thompson (just amazing)
3. Natalie Portman (Practically perfect in every way. Dedicated, hard working and stunning)
4. Meryl Streep (I love her!)
5. Alex Kingston (she’s SO sassy! Spoilers!)

Has to be said that Gemma Arterton came a very close 6! As did Amanda Redman. In fact if you look at the majority of my list there’s a very strong argument that what I want to be is middle aged, haha! Maybe not just yet, it’ll all come in its own time.


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