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Daily post – 2nd-4th July.

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Ok so we’ve had a pretty busy weekend here and I totally failed to blog. On the plus side I wrote the blogs, I just didn’t upload them so…here goes nothing for the past 3 days.

2nd July 2011 – Find the nearest window and describe what you see.

When I first opened this email I was actually in my car (in the passenger seat, don’t worry) so, being unable to blog there and then I took a mental picture of the things I could see, ready for when I had time to write it up.

What could I see out of the window of my car on Saturday 2nd July?

I could see….

  • the sun reflecting off cars, windows and the sunglasses of passers by.
  • pasty white skin in shorts and t shirts out enjoying the heat.
  •  a group of teenagers with ice lollies and skateboards making their way towards the city centre, probably off to cause some mayhem in Bute Park.
  • girls linking arms and smiling while boys looked sullen…why is it most teenage boys look sullen?!
  • a seagull, with its head inside a crisp packet.
  • a little boy on a bike with stabilisers, and parents (I assume?!) walking behind him.
  •  a car full of bronzed bodies, with surfboards on the roof…I wonder where they went?
  • a taxi with the light off…who was inside? Where were they going?
  • Mainly I could see a city full of smiles. Why is it everyone always smiles when the sun is out? What is it about a sunny day which brings out sunny dispositions? I find myself wondering this on most sunny days. While wishing it was always sunny!

Not bad for a snapshot, even if I do say so myself! Good job it wasn’t dark and rainy 🙂

3rd July – What is freedom?

Google defines freedom as:

 ‘The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint’.

So if you look at it purely from that perspective, it is very rare for a human to be completely free. Just this morning I finished a book which spoke about the origins of guilt and conscience, and just when the human brain evolved to recognise these feelings. They called it ‘the great leap forward’, the moment which truely separates us from the animals. But even now, there are some who are more conflicted than others, those who imagine how their words and actions will affect the world and people around them and those who charge on seeming not to care.

With regards to ‘freedom’, to go where we choose, say what we think, and even think what we like, I believe those with a conscience will always be hindered from doing or saying certain things due to the consequences which may follow. Personally I think that even those who do and say exactly what they want when they want are acting more tough than they would have us believe, they just choose to ignore the guilt and carry on regardless.

So, even if you are free from tyranny, political or religious repression, free from captivity, free of your parents, free of the job you hated, chances are there will be someone in your life which affects how you behave, or what you say. In my opinion this is a good thing, in most circumstances it makes the world a more pleasant place to be, ‘what goes around comes around’ and all that. Perhaps true ‘freedom’ would make the world a worse place.

Perhaps I should read less ‘heavy’ books 😛

4th July – Random.

I don’t like todays topic, so in the true spirit of independance I am going to select one from a different day!

So I have chosen…..If you could see any music act from history, who would you pick?!

Maybe it is still Glastonbury affecting me, I don’t know, but this one made me smile just imagining the possibilities, so it had to be.
I think if I could pick one act, it would have to be Queen. With a Freddie Mercury loving mother I was brought up listening to their music and to this day am filled with nostalgia when I hear one of their songs. Incidentally my favourite musical item from this back catalogue is Barcelona, sung by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe. It’s goosepimpley good.


However, it would have to be the whole band I would go and see. And I wouldn’t want to go to just any Queen concert, no, take me to Hyde Park in 1976! To a massive free concert, renowned for screaming fans, fainting girls and an argument between Elton John and whoever he was duetting with.

I’d just love to witness the madness, first hand!

If it was madness.

I’d really love to see if the hysteria and mayhem of that day, not to mention (though I will) the era it resided in.

The 70’s!

I specifically wonder if the lust and love for Freddie and the rest of the band was as people have remembered it. Something tells me it will have been romanticised, played up to be something far more spectacular than it was…but maybe, just maybe it would be exactly as I’m imagining.  

Oh wouldn’t that be a sight to see!


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