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If you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?

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I write this blog post surrounded by possessions. Technology, furniture, clothes, ornaments, books, dvds, cd’s, cooking utensils, keepsakes, artwork, photographs all lie within my line of sight. The sheer volume of ‘stuff’ around me makes me wonder what on earth could be missing, ‘what more could I possibly need??!’.

Today I took 2 boxes of movies to the post office having sold them to Music Magpie. It’s a really good little site which allows you to either manually enter the bar code from your item, or, if you’re really cool you can scan it using a smart phone camera. It only offers about 30p per disk, but when you compare this to selling them for 1p on Amazon or Ebay it’s actually pretty good value. I’ve also been looking into selling my books (but again with a value of 1p each is it worth the hassle?), have people coming to look at my sofa tomorrow and will be selling my gorgeous wooden, French cd rack (now void of cd’s) as soon as possible.

For the past few years I have specifically asked people not to buy me ‘stuff’ for Christmas and birthdays. Things that will clutter my flat and eventually just be packed in a box and shipped to the next place. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful to the lovely people who are nice enough to buy me presents. I love presents! But without a ‘base’ in which to keep it all I inevitably think about lugging it from one flat to another within 6 months of receiving it. If I really think about it, I much prefer to spend time with people. Ideal presents are those which lead to new experiences , making memories, that sort of thing. This is probably what has led my long suffering boyfriend to take us on holiday for my last 2 birthdays…it’s a guaranteed winner!

What I’m trying to say is as we’re moving house (again) in a few weeks I’m actually trying to reduce the amount I own not add to it…which is what led me to my answer. If I could own one thing I don’t currently have…it would be property. A house or a flat somewhere which I could rent out when I wasn’t using it, with an attic in which to keep my things. I may not have a base at the moment, or a destination for the future, but it seems to me that getting on the property ladder is always a good idea.

So, wordpress, if you’re offering, I’ll have a penthouse please 😉


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