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Can a camera truly capture a moment in time?‏

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I think there are some very talented photographers who are able to capture the essense of a particular moment. Viewing their work can make you empathise with the subject, imagine yourself viewing the landscape…essentially transport you to another time and place. But would we consider that a moment captured?

I’d say no.

My memories are made up of so much more than the things I saw. While sight plays a massive part of a ‘moment in time’ it does not tell the full story. You need a mixture of senses; the smells and sounds that were around you, who you were with and the way you felt. That way when you see the photograph, hear the song, share a memory, you are transported back to that precise moment. You can remember exactly where you were, how you felt.

So, I believe while some, incredibly skilled artists can illustrate aspects of this with photography, share the echo of the things they were there to see…the ‘moment’ will only ever truly be captured by those who witnessed it.

Photograph by Rob May. This makes me smile 🙂 Wish I could share the joke!


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