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…an active frame of mind. This is something I believe whole heartedly. Yes, it might come more easily to some than others, some may really struggle and need the support of those around them, but, at the end of the day, those who actively choose to be happy will be. And those who choose to be miserable will not.

It is all too easy to moan, take the easy way out and call the world grey. It is easy to not bother to seek out happy thoughts, or solutions to problems which seem out of our control. It is not so easy to force a smile on your face when you feel like crying, to search for silver linings even though you are exhausted. Being the problem solver, the solution finder is not the easy route. But how often does the easy route lead to happiness? You have to work for something, strive for it, in order to appreciate the spoils that await you.

The sad thing is those waiting to trip you up, to make fun and drag you down to their level. The sad people who think that happy people are being ‘fake’ or kidding themselves…viewing the world through rose coloured sunglasses. I will never understand those who are happy in the dark…I have even more trouble with those who want to extinguish the light of someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I know that some have genuine trouble being happy; with them I can only sympathise. But even among those people there are those who are determined to try, to fight and to be happy.

In my life I have been shunned for being smiley. I have had flatmates make faces when I leave the room (as I found out when I walked back in and caught them), reviewed as a ‘try hard’ when I did Camp America and been told that it is not my job in life to fix the world and everyone in it. ‘Some people are happy as they are, leave them be.’ I think the last one was the hardest, especially when people have admitted to being sad and unhappy with their lives.

Perhaps I am over thinking things. Sometimes I think moaning can almost be an exercise in finding common ground. Why else would so many people seem to know those who only want to hear the bad news and drama out of life rather than happy tales? Hmm.

Are we too lazy? Or just uneducated? Is it that we have been raised to believe that things should be easy, that simple things like happiness should not require work and effort. Are humans just by their very nature ‘a bit miserable’. Is this something I should accept? Perhaps then I would not always be disappointed when someone brings me down, when I fail to cheer someone up or just have a bad day. On the other hand, maybe accepting it would be giving up, which would rather make me a hypocrite.


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