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Twitter Blogathon Day 1 – Calendarical Conundrums

10th October 2011 (the day I was supposed to publish this)….anyone else reading that as 10/08/11? Just me? How about September, had you ever thought about Sept meaning 7 (remember when that woman had septuplets)? And unless we’re missing a baker’s dozen (yes I know that’s 13) about a decade I’m pretty sure December is 10!! What’s going on with the calendar?!

I remember learning in school that October used to be the 8th month but the extent of my knowledge up until yesterday was that back then there were just 10 months in the year, till at some point (probably when someone called Augustus or Julius was Caesar) they decided to add some extra months in the year which shifted all the others up a few. Now I understand it was *slightly* more scientific than that (though it was in the time of Julius!). The calendar was altered to synchronise with the seasons, adding January and February to the beginning of the year and, like I thought, shifting all the others up 2. Prior to this the calendar was based on the lunar cycle. While I like Christmas being at the end of the year I do think there’s an argument for the New Year being in March. It would be nice to see the year start in Spring, when everything just seems to be beginning, seems to make sense to me.

Don’t you just love it when a random conversation sparks an idea? Yesterday @miss_peg, @katysense and I were chatting on Twitter about blogging and the like when we decided to set ourselves a challenge, why not set a new theme every day and each write a blog about it? It could be fun to see what 3 very different girls from different parts of the UK think about a certain thing every day, don’t you think? Well if you do and you’d like to read their blogs too do be sure to check out the Miss Peg Daily , The Blog of Sense and Trepatukas. This was the first post (I was supposed to blog yesterday but I forgot). And if anyone else wants to join in our little blogging game let us know  🙂


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  1. I probably should have commented on this before now, apologies.

    It’s amazing that, despite having similar content, we’ve written our blogs in very different ways.

    It’s really interesting that the calendar was based on the lunar cycle and really that would make sense – there’s a full moon in every month is there not?

    I’m not sure what I think of whether we should start the year in March or not, I wonder if that should be the content of another blog. Though not right now of course. Interesting subject. For us March is Spring, but for the Southern Hemisphere it’s Autumn, soooo….would we prefer to start the year in September so that they can start in Spring? That sounds odd too.

    • Don’t apologise, it’s the start of the blogathon, teething problems expected!

      I love that all our blogs are so different, that’s half the beauty of the blogathon I think, three (four) very different gals, with different backgrounds and opinions all writing about the same thing…see where we each end up!

      Hadn’t thought about the change of seasons down under, so WEIRD that they have Christmas in midsummer. I always wondered what Santa wears in their Christmas cards, but then I suppose he always lives in the North Pole right so maybe he just takes his jacket off when he’s popping down South African chimneys etc 😛

      • Have you ever heard Aussie Christmas Carols? They’re certainly entertaining. Speaking from the words of Aussies, they actually have a bit of a raw deal – films, cards, etc. all portray this lovely snowy wintry time, but they don’t have any of that. I think they know they’re “missing out” and in some places it really would be too hot for Father C to be wearing swimming trunks, let alone a suit. I remember an episode of Home and Away where Irene dressed up as Father C and she arrived onto the beach on a boat. Very funny.

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