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Twitter Blogathon Day 2 – Welcome to my smiley place.

Maybe it’s because Katy’s (not me, I know I tend to talk about myself in the 3rd person, but for the twitter blog challenge you should all assume Katy is @Katysense 😀  it’s confusing I know!) having a bad day today and has been dreaming of escaping, but today’s theme has been named ‘Favourite Place’. Everyone has one, a place which makes us smile and instantly feel better. In fact I wrote about my fave places and spaces back in May when I was writing my ‘5 Things’ posts. You might think that that could act as a shortlist for me in making this post easier, but no (well, the place does feature in that other post, but more specifically). At the moment there’s only one place which would fit the bill as my ‘favourite’. Maybe it’s an example of how people change, altered situations make you appreciate things. I would say “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” but I believe I DID know what I had, I just didn’t realise how much I loved it till I left.

Anyone who knows me has probably guessed by now that I’m talking about Bristol.

Like an old friend even the name makes me smile. There’s something about that city that just fits me, even visiting feels theraputic. As soon as those signs for J19 come in to view I start to smile and feel better. The skyline, the people, my friends, the familiarity of a place I loved living, it’s like a hug (I know, pass the bucket right?).

I’ve been racking my brain recently to work out what it is about Bristol that makes me love it so much but it’s so hard to put my finger on. I think it’s to do with places which feel like home. Despite my dad being in the army I didn’t really move around much past the age of 7. I lived and studied in Carmarthenshire; so if ‘home’ is measured by the place you grew up then Carmarthen would be it. But, to be honest I hated it. Always felt like I stuck out there, was constantly being judged. To this day I hate going into Carmarthen on my own for fear of who I might see or what might be said to/about me.

From the day I arrived in Bristol I felt comfortable and at home. I loved the city and the freedom I found there. I met likeminded people who became much loved friends, friends I didn’t have to be someone I’m not just to fit in with. I discovered things I was good at within the University of the West of England and more specifically the Students’ Union. I was able to work in interesting places doing jobs I really cared about, and had lots to explore on days off! Obviously there were crap days, days when I hated my degree, had fallen out with my flatmates (DO YOUR OWN WASHING UP!), missed my boyfriend or whatever else makes people feel down in the dumps. But for the most part the only thing that made me sad was when I realised this was it, these were the days I would always remember, and eventually I’d have to grow up and do something different. (Morbid I know, not the kind of thoughts I usually have, they tended to be coupled with movie marathons where some geeky girl tells the head cheerleader that her life is downhill from here on in, haha!)

When the time came there were many good reasons to leave Bristol, reasons I won’t bore you with. For the longest time, while I missed it, I didn’t regret moving away. However more recently I have found myself spending lots of time in my uni city. Everytime I go back a little more of me realises how much better I feel when I’m there, with great friends having fun. Who knows what the future holds, I’ve always said I’ll never settle in the UK, but if I do I think I’ll know where I’ll be. If home is where the heart is then it’s Bristol all the way.

I honestly had a moment the other day where I looked a photo of myself from my first week of uni and thought ‘You lucky sod, you have no idea what amazing years lie ahead of you!’. The thought making me smile at the moment is that in 6 years time I could be doing exactly the same thing with a photo of me from today.

That’s the way to live 🙂

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  2. You have a strange ability to make me feel quite sad and so happy all at the same time, odd I know. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. Me being me went into my own little world of “that is so wonderful and amazing that I wish I had it” which is where the sad comes in, but you know what, you really deserve it. The amazing feeling of being in Bristol and being part of that place, that means so much to you. It’s a shame that you can’t have it in your life as much as it sounds like you’d like, but as you say, maybe you’ll be thinking the same sort of things about another picture, in another six years.

    It’s always amazing when you find somewhere that you feel you belong, wholeheartedly, without any major suffering.

    That really is the way to live!

    • Well I’m really glad it was in a good way, still feel bad for making you feel even a little bit sad, but I kind of understand what you mean. It’s the same feeling I got when I read about your cabin at the lake, it was an experience that sounded so wonderful that I wish I could have shared it, or had my own similar story 🙂 xx

    • I love that in the time since this post you’ve visited Bristol and love it as much as me 🙂 Would be so awesome if you move there Peg!

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