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Twitter Blogathon Day 3 – Age is something that doesn’t matter….

…Unless you’re a banana! Wahey!!

So today’s theme is birthdays, or *most memorable birthday party* to be exact.

October seems to be *the* most common month to be born in. Last week it was a friend from uni, today my Aunt and a college pal, Friday another old flatmate…the list goes on. For some birthdays don’t really mean that much, for others (like meee!) it’s an excuse for some fun. I got into the habit very young (thanks mum!) of making each birthday different from the last. I’ve had fancy dress parties, pyjama parties, garden parties, grown up dinners, trips to Silent World and visits to the cinema. My birthday has been themed, unthemed, celebrated and ignored, but I’m almost certain no two have been alike.

That being said selecting one *most memorable* is pretty difficult so I’m going to cheat! Hehe!

So without further ado, here are the winners of the *Katy Birthday Awards*

*Best cake*

When I was 6 (I think) my mum made me a pink princess castle cake, with turrets and a portcullis and two little princess ponys outside the door.
Of all the cakes my mum has ever made this is the only one we don’t have a picture of, typical, it was amazing! And that’s coming from a gal who doesn’t like cake!

*Best fancy dress theme*

Toughy, there have been so many! From pyjamas (again when I was 6) to “When I grow up I want to be…”. However one stands out above all the rest; my 21st!
I had a ‘Noahs Ark Theme’ – yup, the animals came on two by two hurrah, hurrah (we did actually sing that while headed up Park Street).
It was h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s!

*Best location*

My 17th birthday was spent on holiday in Goa, India, which was amazing for 3 reasons.
1. Who wouldn’t want to be on holiday on their birthday?!
2.When you’re born in March being able to sunbathe on your birthday is amazing.
3. The 7th March 2004 was the Indian festival of colour, or Holi. For those who don’t know about Holi you can read more here, but my experience was basically GIANT PAINT FIGHT ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!
People buy powder paint on the side of the road and essentially throw it at each other. It was one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen. Great fun.

*Best Party*

This award has 2 winners (I know but it’s my blog, I’m making the rules!) as I just couldn’t decide.
When I was 20 I had a house party in my student flat, we did all the usual things; made a lethal punch, everyone dressed up (the theme was ‘what you want to be when you grow up’) and the flat was decorated. Everyone made so much effort to particpate and my best friends from home travelled all the way up to spend it with me too. I’ll always remember it.

For my 21st birthday I wanted a garden party (again tricky when you’re born in the winter!) so I delayed my family celebrations till June. My mum and I strung lanturns round our garden, set up a mini marquee and cooked up a storm. Family is so important to me, so this birthday wins because they were all in one place for once, my oldest family friends, siblings, parents etc and everyone was getting on. It was a really lovely day 🙂

*Most hilarious*

The funniest birthday award goes to 2011.
I had a tarot party with some of my best girlfriends, who spent the night proving why they own that title.
I’ll love some of them forever for trekking all the way to South Wales to spend my birthday with me. Everyone got on so well, we played articulate, had our cards read and laughed a LOT.
Exactly how birthdays should be 🙂

Rosie and I being silly on the beach the day after my party

So, those are my top 5 birthday awards. I could go on…best present (how would you decide?!), worst (I don’t want to depress anyone), messiest, cornyest (my 18th featured a limo!)…the list is endless, but I think 5 is a nice number to stop on.

If you have time to tell me about your birthdays, under these categories, I’d love to read them! It’ll probably put you in a really good mood too, nothing like a trip down memory lane to make you smile.

Be sure to check out Miss Pegs thoughts on todays theme and once you’ve done that head over the The Blog of Sense to read Katys and Trepatukas for Catnips!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. I love how you chose to write this, not memorable birthday party, but favourite birthday moments – as you said in the comment to my blog, the moments, not the days themselves.

    I guess it’s easier to remember your favourite cake, location, theme, etc. than the whole day itself. Memory is a weird thing.

    You’ve had quite a variety of birthdays, it’s great that you had it that way. Birthdays I always feel should be special and well, what’s more special than spending one of them in Goa? Gosh!

    • Haha I’m glad you like it, couldn’t even stick to my own theme properly, haha!!

      Birthdays were always a special day for me, was really lucky in that respect. For our family they seem to be more important than Christmas, coz it’s a day just for you, whereas Christmas is about sharing it with everyone.

      Goa, yup…pretty sure I’m gonna top that one one year 😉

  2. I want to be at everyone single one of your birthday parties. Stat. Your birthday awards sound super awesome, every birthday celebration does too. I think the one I am most jealous of is the Festival of Colour in India, it is something I would love to see!

    • Haha well maybe you’ll get to come to the next one, though I’m not sure there’ll be any dressing up or anything this time. I’d love to know about your birthday award winners, sometimes like Peg says memory can be odd, so remembering a ‘birthday’ doesn’t spark much, but actually breaking it down and thinking about specific moments can jog stories you’d forgotten about. Worked for me!

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  5. Hehe, Holi tradition was actually used in one of the episodes of The Amazing Race, I remember it quite well. The participants were so annoyed by it and angry, but the natives, who were truly celebrating, made it seem like quite a fun thing 🙂

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