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A little bit of Hogwarts…

This post is basically for my friend Fiona. I told her about finding a room in the castle where I work the other day and never got round to uploading the photographs so here they are!

Every now and again I like to go for a wander round my work. It’s such a cool place to spend your days that you never know what you might come across. Last week we were told we might be moving offices to a part of the castle I’d never seen before, which put me in the mood to have a bit of an explore. So after lunch I set off determined to keep my eyes open for new doors and staircases which I hadn’t previously explored. I headed out of the back door to the staff room and instantly noticed a flight of stairs to my left. I must have walked past them at least a dozen timesย  (I don’t often go out that way) and not seen them before, it all goes to show how much we can miss if we don’t observe the world around us.

The steep stone steps led to a door heading off to the right…I peeped my head round but it appeared to lead to classrooms (boring). Behind the door though the stairway became wooden and spiralling with a rope handrail. I always think these look useless, but I suppose if you slip it’s better than nothing!

At the top of the stairs there was a long corridor and then…oddly…another flight of stairs, this time leading down! Why have stairs going to a landing just to go back down again? Seems very odd! It can be very strange being somewhere with noone around when you’re in a busy college in term time, so by this point I was creeping along the creaky floor in case I stumbled across an office or study room. But instead I came across what I have now labelled the Griffindor Common Room…check this out!

For me it was like discovering the room of requirement. So often I’m looking for a quiet place to read my book without appearing anti social and now voila, I have somewhere with comfy sofas not more then 5 minutes away from the coffee machine!! To the students (who have a far better grasp of the castle than I) I’m sure this room, and all route to it are well known, but to me that castle is still a mystery. Working at the college you tend to visit far less of it than living or studying there, I have no idea where most of the teaching rooms are for example and didn’t even know we had dorms within the castle (rather than the student houses) until this summer. Discovering rooms like this makes me wonder what else could be tucked away behind those stone walls.

I hope I find them all before I leave!


Update: Apparently this is what the room used to look like back in the day. The castle used to be used as accommodaton for the students, before the boarding houses were built. Back then this was the main common room. Doesn’t it look cosy?



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  1. Nice to find another HP fan ;]

  2. You’re really not doing anything to quell my suspicions that you’re actually working in a secret Hogwarts alternative. Keeping an eye out for doors and staircases you’ve not seen before? Have they been there all along, or have they just appeared? I suspect the latter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (And it really is true that we miss so much of the world around us by doing other things or not paying attention. I’ve always been pretty good at paying attention so that if a tree is chopped down in someone’s garden, chances are I will notice that something isn’t quite right. Unless of course I saw said tree being chopped down like the other week. Anyway…)

    Oh my, that staircase is like…it’s perfect…it’s like a small little passageway you’d use to walk up to an attic room, or a hidden common room. I’d hate to walk down it though. Especially with bags or boxes.

    Stairs going up then a corridor and stairs going down? Are you kidding me? This place is magical! I swear it. Wonderful. Gosh. Can I move there already? Please!

    Gosh you’re more than right, the room of requirements…next time you go it’ll be a toilet. ๐Ÿ˜›

    “Discovering rooms like this makes me wonder what else could be tucked away behind those stone walls.”
    I’m actually getting watery eyes just thinking about this statement. Oh my gosh. I can picture it now. Bookcases that move when pieces of wall, or books, are rearranged. Corridors that seem to go nowhere and actually lead to secret passageways. I just know that your castle has secret passageways in it. Why wouldn’t it? Let’s face it. Someone has a castle by the sea, they must have used it at some point to do a little smuggling and what better way in and out of the castle than some secret passageway from the kitchen or study into the grounds. You, my friend, have piqued my imagination and I may just go to sleep tonight dreaming of this wonderous place.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I smile for you and your amazing workplace. Very jealous right now.

    (Please note: despite being ecstatic about the thought of this wonderful place, if I ever was actually there I’d probably be petrified walking around on my own. But wow.)

    • Argh the photos not being centred is really irritating me!!

      I’d love for you to come and look around. Some people aren’t phased by this place, but others I think would really appreciate it. It’s a living, working castle you know, don’t see many of them! I love that there are still people using it every day, making new memories and history within these ancient walls and corridors. How many people before me discovered that staircase, what was that room used for in days gone by? I’d LOVE to know. Makes you want a timeturner! Imagine how many spins that would take!!

      The Room of Requirement thing popped in when I sat down, on the shelf next to me there were old school books, pencil cases, half a pack of cards and some foreign board game I didn’t recognise. There were random glasses cases and other bits and bobs scattered round the room like they’d been there for years. I’ve since found out that the room is used as a common room for the intructors in the summer, so it’s probably stuff left over from then.

      I hope you had good dreams of castle corridors and hooting owls ๐Ÿ™‚ You know this place doesn’t really seem spooky to me at all, have wondered round at night, been on early morning woodland walks to photograph the sunrise and slept in the castle and have always felt safe. Think you’d be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oooh you lucky thing that room looks brill for a quiet lunchtime read!

  4. Oooh I LOVE IT! I agree with Fiona, I think you work in an alternate Hogwarts. With regards to the stairs up, corridor, and stairs down – some old buldings were built with secret passage ways and corridors for staff to scurry along so they weren’t disturbing the castle – I don’t suppose this runs parallel to a main corridor or room or something?

    We used to love the secret passages in the castle my Aunt’s friend owned. At points I swear we knew the secret passages better than the staff that worked there many decades/centuries ago!


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