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Twitter Blogathon Day 10: PDA’s – Aww or Eww?

You know when you’re in that first lovely flourish of a relationship where you just can’t keep your hands off one another! Where even the slightest brush of his (or her) hand makes your spine tingle and you seem to lean towards each other because even a few inches is too far apart? Aww!!

Now, remember when you went clubbing last week and had to walk past that couple in the toilets? You know the one, she was pretty much sat in the sink while he stood between her legs an…well…I think we can guess…you’ll have to because let’s be honest you didn’t attempt to look closer. Eww!!

PDA’s – Public displays of affection; in my opinion they’re all relative! What a person considers appropriate will vary depending on their upbringing, beliefs and (I hate to say it) how attractive they find the people involved (Why is it that ‘pretty’ people can get away with more than ‘ugly’ ones? Maybe you’ll disagree but it’s been proven, ask Google!). Personally seeing people kiss, hold hands, sit on each other’s laps etc. doesn’t upset me like it does others, while hands on bottoms (or other ‘inappropriate’ places), any dodgy noises and full blown open mouthed tonsil tennis does tend to make me feel slightly uncomfortable.

The thing that bothers me is I couldn’t tell you why. What is it about these actions that I don’t like? And where in my past was it drummed into me that to do these things in public is inappropriate? I’m not religious, come from an affectionate family, wasn’t banned from watching television after the watershed but somehow have still managed to acquire this mind-set. Maybe it’s all part of the things that earned me that nickname I mentioned yesterday and I was actually meant to have been born in the 1800’s…though I’m hardly a candidate for Stepford Wife of the year, so maybe not!

I can’t even use the rule of thumb of ‘if you wouldn’t do it in front of your parents don’t do it in front of me’ because I would quite happily kiss someone on the lips in public but would not in front of my parents or most of people I know (unless I thought they weren’t looking :P). This could be something to do with the freedom of anonymity. Do we care less about the opinions of strangers when we will not have to suffer their comments? In this case it would appear so!

To me there will always be certain things I’ll ‘aww’ at; people of ANY age holding hands, pecks on the cheek, boys holding the door open for their ladies…that kind of thing. I also think there’s a time and a place for pashing. Railway stations and airports – i.e. ‘hi’s and goodbyes’ are ok, but watch those hands! However…tongues, fondling and grinding? Eww…get a room!

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  2. Wooo, amazing use of the word pashing there!

    I agree, there are times and places where getting that bit more… involved… is *ok* in public (just!) but those times are few and far between. Your last two sentences summed it up nicely!

    • Hehe I love the word pash! It’s one of the greatest things to ever come out of my watching Neighbours 🙂 far better than (sorry, I know you used it) ‘snog’ which makes me feel a little bit sick.

      • OMG I love the word pash! I love Australian phrases for most things to be fair, but pashing is an awesome word that deserves its awesome place in the world. Aww!

  3. I completely agree!

    My being uncomfortable with it stems more from several years of watching my friends PDA with their significant others while I remained single. Guess that makes me bitter? I don’t know because it still bothers me even though I’m married now and do do PDA. XD

    Grinding = ew
    Holding hands = aww

    • It’s funny when things you do yourself bother you if other people do them. I don’t mind seeing people hold hands and peck in public and would do it myself, but I know seeing my nephew kiss his girlfriend (properly kiss!) made me feel like I’d stumbled into a room I shouldn’t have!!

      Glad you agree with the aw and ew, haha!

  4. It amuses me some that myself, you and Katy have all gone down a similar route by way of degrees of PDAs. It also amuses me that you talked about hands down pants…I think it’s bad enough when boys do that to themselves, but when someone else does it, please God, no.

    It does interest me actually that you wouldn’t kiss someone on the lips in front of your parents because the sheer thought of doing that makes me want to hide in a corner and never see daylight again. So it’s nice to know that other’s feel a similar way too.

    • I don’t think I necessarily meant hands ‘down’ pants, just hands on bums and stuff in general seems a bit icky, whethers it’s on top of clothes or not!

      Indeed, glad it’s not just me! They don’t do it in front of me, I don’t do it in front of them, everyones happy!

  5. What bothers me the most is that if they are my friends that I am with at that time, I have to wait for them to finish until we can continue conversation and such. Should I ignore it or should I tell them to “get a room”…

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