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Blogathon Day 17: Is that my voice?

Assuming everyone owns movies these days I thought it would be an interesting idea to write about a film picked at random from their collection (when you read Katys blog you’ll see why I said ‘assuming’!!). I used to own hundreds of DVD’s but this summer finally got sick of the ridiculous amounts of stuff I own and decided to sell them all, bar a select few faves. These are currently housed in a box along with my books in the spare room. Last night at around midnight I snuck out of my room, took all the books from the top of the box, closed my eyes and selected…Bill and Ted’s Most Excellent Adventure. A brilliant film, one I could write about, however, technically not mine so…eyes closed again I ran my hands over the rows of DVDs, made my choice and pulled out….

I got that there Yzma! The Emperor’s New Groove!!! Don’t throw off the groove, the grooooove! I love this film!

For those who are unfamiliar with it, The Emperors New Groove tells the story of the young, spoiled Emperor Kuzco who after firing his advisor Yzma, finds himself turned into a llama (Yzma had meant to poison him, however mistakes can be made when you choose your assistants based on brawn and beauty rather than brains…at least poor Krunk makes a mean spinach puff!). Desperate, Kuzco is forced to enlist the help of local villager Pacha (whose home is smack bang in the middle of the proposed plot for Kuzco’s new water park) in order to to return to his kingdom and rightful form. Of course hilarity ensues as our unlikely heros attempt to learn to live with each other during the journey. Meanwhile Yzma, on discovering Kuzco is still alive, sets off with Krunk to finish the job and claim the throne for herself!

I’m not sure I could label this ‘the film of university’ but it’s definitely in the top 5! During second and third year I lived in a house of 6 girls and this movie was often on the television (along with the Lion King, Finding Nemo, The Holiday, Love Actually and the entire 10 series of Friends, Lee Evans, Shipwrecked and X Factor). I think it was my flat mate Harri who first introduced it to the group. When we first moved in with each other we went on a ‘flat outing’ to Ikea where we bought a Billy bookcase for the flat to hold all of our DVD’s and board games. I still remember the girls thinking I was crazy for spending hours alphabetising 6 sets of DVD’s but I like being able to find the one I want quickly! On movies nights we would all sit on our huge red corner sofa (it was the deal breaker in an already amazing flat!) or various beanbags and pretty much quote the entire script between us as we watched. I remember once watching the Lion King with assigned characters and quoting it from start to finish, or there was the time we all stayed at Stephs parents and quoted the entire script from Finding Nemo, without the film, yup we were a cool bunch! This film in particular contains some hilarious quotes, which are especially funny if like some of my flat mates you’re very good at voices!

 If you haven’t seen it (sort it out!), then this clip may contain spoilers, but if you have then enjoy!


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  2. The interesting thing about this film is that unlike other Disney classics this film was never meant to be. The original film that became this one (kingdom in the sun) was scrapped when it was realised that it couldn’t meet its release date. It was originally to be directed by one of the directors of lion king. The whole thing was rewritten and reimagined in 6 months in order to alter the film to get it out in time.


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