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Blogthon Day 23: If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense!

“This world is but a canvas to our imaginations” Henry David Thoreau

Today I asked the girls to join me in a little game devised in 2006. My flatmate and I had been having a bad week and were in dire need of cheering up! For some reason there was a map of the world on the kitchen table (just an A4 print out) on which we began creating our own magical island of Kt and Omeals, where anything could happen. It soon became apparent that this project was bigger than the space remaining on the map, so we started again on the other side of the paper. It was so much fun. Looking back at it now there were some pretty funny ideas on that sheet as well as some typical teenage ideals about life, but the exercise certainly put a smile back on our faces!!

So last night my mum, stepdad, two of my nephews and their friend Ryan sat down with me (once we’d finished bobbing for apples) to create our own magical islands. It was such a giggle! I love sharing stories and ideas with family and friends you know? And boy did that lot have some wacky ones!! Ryan made the entire ocean surrounding his island into a trampoline and Ethan had a time turning clock! My stepdad’s island offered buried treasure while on my mother’s you could lounge on marshmallow beach, taking a bite out of your chair if you felt peckish!

Here is my island….

I have included an idea from each of the other islands created last night to try and tie all the fun we had in together. The horse that’s shaped like a duck was from Ethan who is 10, it made me laugh so much! Josh offered a huge speaker mountain which would set the soundtrack for his paradise depending on his mood. Mum’s sherbet volcano also made the cut, I imagine it being rainbow coloured…how cool! Ryan’s sun turned into a disco ball at night, blooming marvellous!

As for me, I shall share a few of my island highlights…

Firstly the happy hammock! Bad moods are not allowed on my island, but should you need an extra boost the happy hammock is there, just lay awhile between the palms and feel your spirits soar as it fills you with positive thoughts.

The Cave of Possibility –this magical place becomes something different every day, it could be a bowling alley, night club, shopping mall…or maybe just a cave! Who knows!

To get to my island you need a password, then just hop on any bouncy castle in the world and whoosh you’ll be transported. Unless you happen to be a Glasto goer as I’m afraid it has been relocated. Yup from now on when you enter the gates at Worthy Farm you’ll be instantly in Katyland. You won’t know of course, it’ll seem just like normal, but I’ll know 😉

Realising I hadn’t offered any eateries (though I suppose the Cave of Possibility may offer some) I also introduced the FLDSMDFR! For those of who who are unfamiliar with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs I suggest you look it up!!

Of an evening perhaps you would like to visit the Jackanory Story Seat…where every evening there is story time from a different person, perhaps tonight it will be Stephen Fry, or JK Rowling. Books appear magically when requested. If you’re not sure what book you’d like just tell the seat what mood you’re in and it will pick the perfect tale. The Doctor often likes to pop in at story time, perhaps you’ll get to meet him! He’s even getting better at landing on the special TARDIS landing point, it’s exclaimation shaped to stand out, but you know what he’s like…Geronimo!

I shall leave you to explore the rest of the island for yourself, perhaps you’d like to borrow the Barbie Mobile or would prefer the Bubble-ator which blows huge bubbles you can ride around in? If you’d like a sea-nic tour (sea what I did there?) of the island either hop on the donut ring or allow Hugh Jackman to take you out on the catamaran! Hugh loves to lie on the nets and cloud watch, which is always fun in Katyland as there are only fun cloud shapes allowed!!

I love this kind of thing, anything really which allows me to use my imagination and encourage others to do the same.  That’s what made me think it may be a good theme for the Blogathon, seriously cannot wait to see what Fiona and Katy have come up with 🙂 Maybe you could try it too! Next time you’re bored with friends or family get out the paper and crayons and have some fun! Make sure you tell me about it if you do!!

This penguin on an iceberg was on the original island, have to say Omelia is better at drawing penguins than I! 🙂

This post is part of the Twitter Blogathon.


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. I want to the password NOW!!! It sounds amazing. I would like to thank you for picking a theme so wonderful it has literally allowed my imagination to run wild. The similarities in our islands are crazy too! No bad thoughts allowed – the island makes you happy! DW & The TARDIS making a little appearance and the magical bookshelves. I FLIPPING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    • Haha I’m glad it made you smile so much!! This has def been a happy thoughts kind of blogging day huh 🙂 think these pages might be favourited should ever I feel blue! Xx

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  3. Who wouldn’t love this place of nonsense and randomosity…you and your family have a lovely imagination filled with, well, randomness and nonsense, but only the best randomness and nonsense. Marvellous, just simply wonderful.

    I love the idea of trampolining water. And storytime…and the happy hammock…we will be happy, yes siree. And if there’s not enough happiness here (though really there definitely is) I can always hop on over to Katy’s island and feel the happies.

    I definitely can’t choose between you both…I wonder if there’s a way of putting them all together to create one big magnificent place of wonderland…now there’s an idea. ;P

    • Haha well I’m adding Katy’s house to my island so you could kill two birds with one stone…I don’t know if you spotted the Faraway Tree on my drawing too…so perhaps there could be a portal between my tree and yours, just as both your island and Katy’s had a serious lack of bouncy castles, I can be accommodating 😛

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