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Blogathon Day 25 – You cannot leave everything to Fate. She’s got a lot to do!!

So Peg and I have swapped shifts, meaning I have taken on today’s theme, she’ll set tomorrows, then we’ll have a nice break for the weekend and return all refreshed for Katy’s theme on Monday. Savvy?

Do you believe in fate? I think I do. There have been times in my life where certain things have happened just when I needed them. Perhaps if I were religious I’d say it was heavenly intervention, my guardian angel so to speak. The jury is still out on guardian angels, but fate I’m slightly more decided on.

I have heard it said life is what you make it; I believe this is true. Certain aspects of your life are entirely under your control, it’s your choice to go out and make things happen, to make decisions, take action or don’t. Every now and again however, the path seems to twist of its own accord; maybe a chance meeting, an opportunity, something beyond your control which came along exactly when you needed it. Cynics call it coincidence; I like to think it’s something grander, I like to think it’s fate.

All through my life people have appeared when they were needed. When I was bullied in secondary school there was a lovely temp teacher who used to listen to me for hours and offered some really good advice. Then when my parents were divorcing, the hilarious Karen Brown (who I worked with at Laura Ashley) would let me stay at her house and basically make me laugh A LOT. She was 35 with a filthy sense of humour. To be honest she probably didn’t need a 15 year old turning up at her house and staying for days, but I think she recognised how much I needed an escape. There have been other examples, all of people who have arrived just before the trouble begun and disappeared completely once things started to get better; a bit like Mary Poppins, or Nanny McPhee! Some exits, like the teacher, I didn’t even notice, others, like Karen still make me sad. She moved house and quit work shortly before I went to university and we never heard from her again, would love to catch up with her again!

So yes, fate! The power which puts you on the same bus as someone you become lifelong friends with, which guides your hand into buying a paper which contains the perfect job, that niggling that  prevented you from getting on the bus that crashed….Destiny, serendipity, chance, luck, karma…whatever you call it I believe in it. To me life is like a road, if you walk along it you’ll come across fortuitous things far more often than if you set up camp and wait for providence to cross your path.

*The title of this blog is from Ever After

This post is part of the Twitter Blogathon.


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  2. *raises hand* I am one of those cynics. Though I have a feeling it’s more to do with my own life’s dissatisfaction than anything. I honestly believe that if the world has turned your way you’re more likely to be open to things like fate. I once believed, I think.

    Such a great day for blogging, such varied responses…love it.


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