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Blogathon Day 26 – A Day In Katyland

08:30 – Morning world!! It’s so nice to wake up naturally without an alarm, I do love weekdays with no work. Also the sky is super blue which is always welcome, though it does make me want to get up and go outside! Maybe that’s because the weatherman said to expect rain….ah well, comfy bed!

09:45 – After trying to text Iain (his phone was next to me – fail!), walking round the house ‘noisily’ and other unsuccessful ventures to get the day started I decided to knock on the door. He swears he wasn’t asleep, been awake since 6…but I am unconvinced 😛

10:15 – Quick stop at the supermarket to buy boots (very important for walking) and brekkie. Yummy egg and sausage sandwich, definitely hit the spot!

10:45 – And we’re off, drove past a huge lorry which had come off the road. Oops! Someone’s in trouble!

11:00 – We’re here! Welcome to Westonbirt! For those who don’t know it Westonbirt Arboretum is a botanical garden dedicated to all things trees. It’s essentially a huge park, with 16,000 trees (3,000 different specimens) which come from Britain, China, North America, Japan and Chile amongst other places. Iain and I have both recently bought DSLR cameras so a chance to visit Westonbirt while the trees are displaying their Autumn colours is too good of an opportunity to pass up. We’re looking forward to a good walk.

13:00 – Stopped for a coffee just as it started raining, good timing!

13:45 – It doesn’t look like the rain is going to let up; neither of us are keen to get our cameras wet so it’s off to the car. Anyone remember where we left it? :-S

13:55 – Found it!

14:20 – Quick stop in Asda to buy supplies for later. Started chatting to a guy in the fireworks queue (a liiiittle crazy) who suggests chilli for tea, sounds like a plan! The self check out machine didn’t like Iain much, we pretty much needed constant supervision, but with cocktail supplies and sparklers purchased the trip was a success.

15:00 – Back to Iains house. Time for some more Terra Nova with a nice bottle of Brothers. I only started watching this show yesterday and it’s actually pretty good. Kind of like a Lost meets Jurassic Park…with a bit of time travel thrown in.

17:00 – All Terra Nova’d out it’s time to hit the showers. It’s super cold in the bathroom, so glad I don’t have to go in there in the winter!

18:30 – Time for tea! Yummy chilli nachos, the ultimate bonfire night food according to the Asda Man. He was very excited about Jaffa Cakes though so perhaps wasn’t the most reliable food critic.

19:30 – Just finished watching the first episode of Fresh Meat (making up for my lack of tv this weekend!)…jury is still out. It’s meant to be very much like the Inbetweeners but for the most part I was the wrong side of uncomfortable. Would most definitely watch Terra Nova again but this not so much. Waiting for Iain to make himself pretty now (avec An Idiot Abroad 2) then we’re off!

19:50 Just had a call off the party organiser to say it’s call kicking off 2 hours later…hmm…scrabble anyone? :-/

22:00 – Got to Wills house after a few games of Burnout! First cocktail of the evening is whisky, cider and cinnamon…there may have been some lemon juice in the recipe but we left it at home. Lol! Will’s house is gorgeous though, they’ve built an actual bar in the lounge. Bring on the party!

00:00 – Party is going strong, even had some indoor fireworks. Jolly good day I’d say! Make sure you pop over and read what the girls have been up to. Hope you all have a good weekend x


This post is part of the Twitter Blogathon.

There are more photos from my day at Westonbirt Arboretum available on my flickr page.


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  2. Oooooh…very nice! I was thinking about this earlier and how it’s hard to write a day in my life blog post without posting it right at the end of the day. When I saw you’d posted I figured I should probably do something about my lack of blog-thought and so I blogged.

    I do like the sound of this Westonbrit you talk about, especially of an Autumn, how wonderful. Jealous that you got an awesome reason to use your DSLR and I didn’t. *throws a paddy*

    Some beautiful photos there Katy!

    Can’t wait to read the rest when you update it…I knew this would be more interesting than my day.

    • Lol I just knew I wouldn’t be able to write it properly and upload the photos any later than that coz I’m on my phone not the laptop 🙂 Adding a few extra lines is doable but the photos not so much.

      Glad you liked the snaps:) Iain has some fab ones!! Hopping over to read the other blogs now…maybe after my chilli nachos! xx

  3. Your photos from Westonbrit are lovely. It was a close second for our walk destination today. Unfortunately I am walking with tree climbers and noise makers so I don’t think Westonbrit would be *quite* appropriate!!

    I want nachos too now… Hope you enjoyed the rest of the party!!!

  4. Oooh we’re loving Terra Nova – that older guy is playing a nicer version of his charatcer in Avatar…sounds like a fab day, love the pics.

    • Aw I love seeing your comments pop up on my blog!!

      Yeah for the first few episodes all I could think of was him bombing that tree, but I’m getting over it now. Need to find a way to watch it without sky…hmm!!! 😛 xx

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