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Blogathon Day 27 – You never know when you’re making a memory.

The blogathon has now been going for a month, how time flies when you’re having fun hey! In order to mark this momentous day Katy has asked us to blog about the best month of our lives.

Now I consider myself a rather optimisitc and positive person, I believe I try to look on the bright side of life, hunt out silver linings etc, but this theme has me stuck. The best month of my life? No idea! Ask me the worst and I can tell you in an instant, in fact I could probably give you the top 3! I could tell you the worst year of my life, and probably even my favourite one so far. But one month which really stands out as great? Not a clue. Now there are probably only two real reasons for this, either the bad memories really are the things that stick in the mind, or life is generally pretty good, so particularly ‘great’ times don’t stand out.

We do not remember days, we remember moments, the richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten” Cesare Pavese.

Perhaps Pavese had a point. I can remember lots of times I have been happy, proud, excited etc, I can also remember times I have been sad, angry, frightened and stressed. What’s more difficult is remembering the order in which these things occured or if they happened at a similar time.  Even a quick glance through my photographs doesn’t really help jog my brain with this one. Sorry Katy, stumped!

*Todays title is a Rickie Lee Jones quote.

This post is part of the Twitter Blogathon.


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  2. I do love that quote…

    We do not remember days, we remember moments, the richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten.

    It’s so easy to forget the goodtimes that weren’t outstanding, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t feel them, rejoice in them when they existed.


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