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Blogathon Day 30 – Be careful what you wish for.

We human beings can be funny things; always dreaming, striving and coveting things we don’t have, or more of what we do. Whether this be land, skills, attributes or riches, it seems people are rarely satisfied. If you have straight hair you want curly, those who live in the desert dream of snow, while the rest of us crave warmth from the sun…I’m not sure though, that many with millions would covert poverty.

Yesterday Katy granted us three wishes, one for ourselves and one for each of the others. I think I could probably live with just one for everyone. I wish everyone knew how to get what they needed; I don’t mean materialistic or vain needs, more those personality traits which would make us all happy. My wish would prevent the insecure from turning to bullying, to be honest it would stop insecurities altogether. The unconfident would overcome their shyness and step forth boldly, the arrogant might discover humility. Oh wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if everyone realised the potential within themselves to be good, successful and happy? I’ll stop now before I sound too much like a candidate for Miss World.

To be honest I think both my girls could use a shot of this, to realise how lovely, kind, funny and deserving they are of fulfilling all dreams, hopes and wishes. But then again, couldn’t we all.

This post is part of the Twitter Blogathon.


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