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Blogathon Day 32 – Story time is my favourite and best!

Hola from Lanzarote!

So it’s Tuesday night and 3 very tired children and 3 very tired mummy’s have gone to bed, leaving a very awake me to entertain myself. Lucky you! We’re staying in a lovely family friendly hotel in Porte del Carmen, which is great for everything except finding young, free people to chill out with of an evening. Ah well, can’t have it all. Might as well catch up with some blogging!

So yesterday’s theme came about after a chat during my commute last week. Alex and I were talking about her little girl’s (Teal who will be 2 in the spring) favourite books. I love reading (probably not as much as Katy), always have done, since before I could read actually. I learnt many of my stories off by heart and would ‘read’ them to anyone who would listen. My favourite book to entertain with as a toddler was almost definitely a Spot book. In this particular story Sam took Spot to the beach (“yippeee!”) where he was treated to a sailor hat (“you reeeeally spoil him Sam!”). There’s a video of 2 year old me somewhere, sat with that book (upside down) on my lap telling everyone the story, I was word perfect! Can’t tell why I was always the narrator in school plays!

When I was a little older, my friend Jamie Brown (the first firsty lasty in my life) gave me a book called Mr Nicks Knitting. I can remember barely anything about this book except for the front cover, and that Mr Nicks wife was sick, and he would go on the train to visit her. Even after quizzing my mother (who must have read it to me a thousand times!) I am none the wiser as to what this story was about. One to google when I get home perhaps and am not constantly worried about the amount of internet I’m using!

The third story I would like to share is still one of my favourite stories. It’s called “Big Sister and Little Sister” and is sadly now out of print, though you can still get copies on eBay. In Big Sister and Little Sister (BS and LS from now on) BS is in charge. She tells LS when to wash her hands for dinner, how to dress, when to go to school and make sure she eats her greens. When LS cries it is BS who brushes her hair from her face, dries her tears with a clean handkerchief and says “there there, it’s alright”. One day though LS decides she has had enough of being bossed around and runs away, she runs into the tall grass and hides. LS sits very quietly when she hears BS calling her name, even when BS is so close that LS could reach out and touch her she doesn’t move. Then LS hears BS crying nearby, LS has never seen BS cry before. Luckily LS knows just what to do; she creeps out from her hiding place, brushes back the hair from BS’s face, dries her eyes with a clean handkerchief and says “there there, it’s alright”. That day Little Sister learns that sometimes Big Sister needs looking after too. I’ve always loved that story, maybe it’s because I’m a Little Sister 🙂


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  1. Ooh, we’ve all talked about such different books! Isn’t it amazing?! Spot is a great book series…I remember some ‘friends’ of ours who live in Wales had a Spot book in Welsh and though I didn’t understand it, at nine or ten it was one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen. I even asked Bridget to read it to me simply because she had an awesome reading voice.

    I’ve never heard of the BS/LS book, but it sounds interesting. I love when kids books don’t even try to name people.

    Mr Nicks Knitting sounds intriguing… *goes off to Google it myself*

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