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Blogathon Day 33 – Lest We Forget

Do you have a favourite time of the year? Do you crave Christmas? Go eggstatic over Easter or do do for Diwali? That’s what today’s theme is aaaall about!

Now I’ve already told you about my favourite time of year a few blogs ago, Halloween and Bonfire Night week, so I tried to think of a different kind of favourite to tell you about today. Know what I came up with? Remembrance Day.

Now this might seem an odd choice, it’s not a time of celebration, or even one of happiness, but it is a British tradition which sits deep within me. I think as a nation we have very few ‘British’ days. Theres no Independence Day or Thanksgiving which brings us together as a nation just to celebrate our country and our kin. St George’s day seems to go pretty much unrecognised these days, in fact I wonder how many young people even know when it is. Every year November 11th and/or Remembrance Sunday brings us together as a country. People of all ages wear poppies and honour our fallen soldiers with silence as the bell tolls 11. It is a somber occasion, a day which makes many (including me) feel sad, but it brings us together, brings out the best in many and the pride in many more, and for that I will always love it.


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  1. What a good choice. I think many British kids only know when it is a few days before because they all seem to learn about it in school, but for the rest of the year they’re probably non-the-wiser. A bit like how I used to know when it was…still don’t, except I think it’s in April.

    I never used to ‘celebrate’ Remembrance Sunday and was very humbug about the idea of going to a Remembrance Sunday parade with my Beavers, the first one I missed out because I was ‘sick’. The year after as I stood at the cenotaph I realised just how important it was. Sadly I didn’t go to one this year. I was supposed to go to a church service but we weren’t doing the usual parade/cenotaph thing so I was ‘sick’ again. Feel a little bad about doing so, but I spent 4 minutes at 11 thinking about it.

  2. Ooooh, I thought about doing Remembrance Sunday. I really want to go to the Cenotaph in London one year. You hit the nail on the head with the British ‘things’. As kids we were taught how proud you should be to be British, and I will cheer on any of the British teams (eventually!) so things like this, and like the Last Night of the Proms always bring a patriotic lump to my throat.

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