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Blogathon Day 34 – When I was one I was just begun!

So today I *think* Fiona wants 3 memories from primary school…she might want 10 sentences from random books, but then again that might be Fridays so I’m gonna stick with this! Apologies if it’s wrong, I’ve had rather a lot of sun today 😉

I have quite a few childhood memories really, so narrowing it down to three is tricky. I find memory really interesting, how some people can have lots and some none at all, why you remember some things while you forget others. What is it about certain days and moments which made them stick in my head, while others disappear forever, never to return even when prompted by a story or anecdote about the time? I think what amazes me is that there is no definitive answer to these questions really, for the most part the human brain is a mystery to even the smartest of folk! Anyway, I digress.

The first three memories which sprung to mind were actually of me being in trouble. I’m going to guess this is because it didn’t happen often! There was the time, for example, I was caught out reading under the table during class. It was either Welsh or Math but either way my story book was just far more interesting! Potentially my first encounter with one of those books you just can’t put down! Anyway, it was my turn to answer a question (I think it was math) and funnily enough I had NO idea what the teacher was on about. She went mental, so mental that she phoned my father. She had taught him when he was a boy and had a voice which still made him stand to attention. Trouble is my parents are the sort who find a kid being a total bookworm, even during maths, amusing, so I wasn’t in trouble at all!

Before I moved to Wales I lived in Dorset and went to Knighton House Pre Prep. Knighton was a rather posh school, full of kids called Hector, Arthur and Grace. Our school uniform was the standard checked dress in the summer, with red dungarees in the winter (cool right?). Lessons at Knighton ranged from the normal reading and maths etc to horse riding, elocution (electrocution to 5 year old me) and cross stitch. We would have story time in a room with huge bean bags and at lunch would roam the grounds, climbing trees and playing hide and seek. I remember once, sitting on a step talking to the teacher (the only one I can’t remember the name of) when an earwig crawled out from underneath the slab. I’d never seen one before and was fascinated by this long wiggly thing with pinchers! The name however still haunts me, earwig! Yeulch! Why ear?! And with those pinchers too, always makes me think they’re going to crawl into your head and get you, gross!

One thing I remember all the way through primary school was music lessons, they were so fun! I loved playing with rain makers, glockenspiel’s, recorders, maracas etc. Was there always a scramble in your school to get the *good* instruments? Heaven knows what made one thing cooler than another though. At Knighton my teacher, Mrs Moxham, played the flute which is what made me want to play it. In Llangunnor (Ll is pronounced by putting the side of your tongue against your back teeth and blowing through, failing that just saying ‘cl’, it’s close enough!) everyone favoured string instruments. If I had only gone there I would probably have ended up with a violin, funny how things work out. Essentially music lessons would usually reduce to a lot of kids banging and shaking things which made a lot of noise, rather than really creating ‘music’, but I loved it! When we got to year 6 those who played instruments would sit at the side and play as people came in for assembly. Far better than having to queue up and sit cross legged on the floor!

Well dear Fi, and everyone else, these are my three primary school memories, I hope they were alright! I can think of so many more, like the competition to design the school badge, sports days, outdoor swimming lessons and the way we would hook our hoods over the seat in front on a coach to make a ‘den’! School plays (I was always the narrator), ballet, party bags and making up dance routines to the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Being a kid was loads of fun, was a lucky girl really!


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  1. Musicals and Spice Girls… sums up my memories!

    You had Welsh lessons?! That’s awesome. Yes, I know, school in Wales, Wales has a language but still, awesome. It always sounds like you had such an awesome childhood (even with the different schools) and I’m always very jealous when I read about your memories 🙂

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