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Blogathon Day 35 – Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Fear is defined either as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat (noun) or to be afraid of someone or something as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening (verb). More often than not fear is a defence mechanism, to keep you safe, be that physically or mentally. Today I asked Fiona and Katy to tell me which one fear they would overcome if given the chance.

I’m a little bit scared of quite a few things. I don’t like spiders much, am not a big fan of heights and more often than not would take the stairs over getting in a lift. Being out of my depth in the sea isn’t my favourite thing if I can’t see the bottom and I’m unlikely to be first in line to hold a snake! But above all these, if I could be cured of only one it would be my fear of disapproval. I hate being disliked, in fact the only thing I hate more than being disliked is the fact that not being everyone’s friend bothers me so much. I’ll always want to know what I did or said to earn their distain and more often than not will waste lots of time and energy trying to convince them that really I’m rather nice.

As I’ve grown older I have learned that not everyone gets along, there really are such things as personality clashes and quite frankly some people are downright weird, all of which helps me cope when I find myself out of someone’s good books. However, life would be SO much easier if I just didn’t care, if I didn’t worry about what I’d done and what I could do and just nonchalantly put everything down to ‘live and let live’. So yes, if I could make one fear go away it would be that.

What would you choose?


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. I’m amazed at how similiar we all are, us Blogathonners…

    Anyway, I think it can be hard not to wonder why someone doesn’t like us when/if there has been no situation to suggest otherwise. I think it can certainly be difficult to let it go especially when you hold that person in good stead. I wish I could bring up some words of wisdom about it being okay, that not everyone needs to like us and such, but I completely empathise with where you’re coming from. In fact I nodded along at various points because I agree wholeheartedly, even if, in theory, I shouldn’t.

    I think we’ve all chosen good fears, in that, we could have all gone for something ‘small’ like being scared of balloons popping or my fear of ants (which I didn’t mention for some reason, weird) what we did, however, was talk about things that actually are normal. At times we may feel like we’re the only ones who feel what we feel, that these fears we have are our own and everyone else is happy to do the things we fear the most. Today’s theme has proven to me that actually, regardless of whether I feel like it’s strange to feel what I feel, there’s other people out there who are just as scared as I am.

    So thanks for this theme Katy x

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  3. Personally I could never understand why someone wouldn’t like you. But, I don’t understand other people, so those who don’t – well I’ll just give them up as a lost cause.

    Would the world be great if we could re-route our energy with the click of our fingers?! You re-route your worrying and turn it in to love to spread to more people and Peg could turn off… herself (if that makes sense!) and direct her energies into making those changes she wants but is afraid of 🙂


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