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Blogathon Day 41 – Walking back to happiness…woopah oh yeah yeah!

There are a few ‘firsts’ in life you always remember, they’re documented and revised over years in conversations with various friends and relatives. Your first day of school, first single, first kiss, first love, first car, all things which come with a story, tale or anecdote to be shared with others at some point on the road of life. Today I asked the girls to share the story of their first gig!

While deciding on this theme I went on a lovely trip down memory lane. I remember the current re: ex boyfriend drama, sneaking away from college, almost missing the bus, just catching the train, the lights, the noise, the sounds…I was sat quite happily getting lost in the memory of 17 year old me at a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert then I got this text….

Your first gig? You mean the one you went to with Nan and Grandad in Norwich? Gerry and the Pacemakers wasnt it?

Parents. Bursting lifes bubbles since (in my case) 1987!

For those of you unfamiliar with Gerry and the Pacemakers, this is them…


So, apparently my first gig wasn’t quite as rock and roll as I thought. Nope, my first ever concert, aged 6 (or there abouts), was Gerry and the Pacemakers and Helen Shapiro, in Norwich, with my grandparents. That ladies and gents is the purest definition of cool you’re ever going to get. Trouble is I can’t remember much of it at all. I know we were sat in the stalls, quite near the front and have a really strong memory of Shapiro struting across the stage singing Walking Back to Happiness. That’s about it!!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Haha! Oh dear, of course, there are the things we forget about which happen when we’re younger and are technically considered firsts – like kissing a boy in the playground when you’re five or six, first kiss, or a random event you scarcely remember?

    At least your second concert can be considered your first ‘proper’ one.

    I like to think of things in first and first proper…your first Christmas when you’re born in January is probably your first proper Christmas (being almost 1), but like my cousin, if you’re born a week before Christmas, your first proper Christmas would be Christmas number 2.

  2. Hahaha this blog really made me laugh! Especially the bubble bursting bit. Jerry and the Pacemakers are nothing to be sniffed at, I’m sure they made you cool at some point in your life… or will in the future 😉

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