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Blogathon Day 43 – We all kick the bucket in the end

Bucket lists, everyones got one! Perhaps not an actual physical list of things you want to do before you die; but I bet everyone on the planet has some of stuff they want to see, try or achieve on this long old road of life.

Today Fiona asked us to select 3 items from our personal bucket list and tell the story of how they got there. I promptly asked the girls to choose one each, I shall select the 3rd!

Katy selected numbers 48 (Create/bury a time capsule) and 49 (Dig up my time capsule after many many years)…fair enough, they go hand in hand! So, here goes!

I’ve always liked (sorry Fi, know you said not to use that phrase!) the idea of time capsules. To bury a snapshot of yourself for future generations, or yourself to read in years to come. You have no idea who the reader will be, what will happen to you in the years between. Will you have married? Divorced? Travelled? Succeeded? Who knows! Perhaps you will never dig up that capsule, it could be found hundreds of years later when creating the foundations of a new building, or some random archaeological dig. Part of me would like to do this, for me, a message to myself from today, today when life is simple and I am young, healthy and happy! Then a few months ago, on a site called Pinterest, I stumbled upon a new idea. A couple each wrote letters to each other and placed them in a box along with a bottle of bubbly. This was placed, on their wedding day, in the earth to be retrieved on their tenth anniversary. I can’t see me getting married, but if I do I’m doing that! Or maybe a letter to my children when they’re born, to be read when they’re 18. Imagine being given a map, like a treasure hunt, to something buried before you were born! What an adventure 🙂 This is all making me think I should do more than one, or will do more than one. I almost certainly want to do one before I go travelling, a memory of me now, my hopes, dreams and corny aspirations to be revisited and retrieved should ever I come back to the UK (sure I will at some point!).

Fiona’s selection was number 24 (own a house with a cwtch) and also 28 (visit the ice hotel) in case 24 wasn’t a long enough story! I’ll take 28 first…the ice hotel is featured in a James Bond film (Strange then that a Bond girl should select this number!) and it FASCINATED me! I do not know if you have ever seen it but everything is made from ice! The floors, walls, ceilings, furniture…everything! Mankind has created some pretty fabulous structures in our short time upon this earth but to me this seems really special. Im not one for being cold really, but the idea of staying somewhere that intricate really captivates me. I also heard that the hotel melts every year, though I haven’t looked that up, but if that’s true it makes it even more of an experience as you really only get one chance to see it as it is, next year it could be something completely different!


My choice is number 50. As a kid I had a lot of nicknames, Katy Custard, Katy Cornflake, Smidge and Katycoo from the Kalamazoo 🙂 I think the rest is self explanatory!

Do you have a bucket list? What’s the most obscure thing on there and how did it come to be there? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Oh and Fi, a cwtch in Welsh does indeed mean cuddle, or sort of ‘snug’. So a cwtch in a house could be a small den like room, or in my mums house it’s an area of the garden with a bench in it; you get there through a little archway and a surrounded by trees and tall plants, it’s very snug, or cwtch like! Welsh is an odd language, but it all kind of makes sense when you think about it! Today for example I found out that ‘ysgol’ means ‘school’ and also ‘ladder’. Clever really! 🙂

The title of this post is from a Charlie Winston song called Kick The Bucket

This post is part of the Twitter Blogathon.


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  2. Ysgol also means ladder? Wow.

    Those are quite some interesting stories…the ice hotel melts every year? That is amazing. Despite being a real life Bond girl, I don’t actually watch or have ever watched a Bond film. So I guess I missed the ice.

    Your time capsual idea sounds so brilliant! I think those ideas are so fantastic…I remember being part of a time capsual project at my secondary school, they were building a new section for the school and we got to go and watch it be put into the earth. Magnificent really, being part of history. I seem to recall that the media have done something similiar with Media City.

    I imagine when you eventually do it, it will be amazing.

  3. Your time capsual idea does sound brilliant. I might nick it from your friends too 🙂 Defo do do a capsual before you leave 😀 😀

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