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Blogathon Day 46 – Katy P! Katy P! Feed her and make that girl so happy!

Food glorious food,
Green curry and pad Thai
While we’re in the mood,
Crusty bread spread with pâté
Hot chorizo and Spanish pork,
What next is the question?
Well these days there is Gaviscon, no

Food glorious food,
Probably eat too much
3 banquets a day
Then gym, running and such!
It’s worth it for creme brûlée, just try it dude!
Oh food, wonderful food, marvellous food, glorious food!

Food glorious food,
Used to favour banoffee
But I over did it
Now dydw I ddim yn hoffi!
Don’t mind a brownie though
With ice cream when in the mood
then, food, once again, food, fabulous, food, glorious food,

Food glorious food,
Nans corn beef hash
When will we get the skills,
To cook like that?
Imagining her lemon cake
My senses go reeling
She loves to feed us up, (it’s a Nan thing
I get the feeling!)

Food glorious food,
What we wouldn’t give for
It to be calorie free
Then it’s all that we’d live for
Know Katy and Fi agree
Fat cells should be shoo’d
Coz we love food, magical, food, wonderful, food, marvellous, food,
fabulous, food, beautiful, food,
glooooooorious foooooood!

(ps. if you read the title to the tune of Oliver! it makes more sense :P)


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  2. HAHA! I love it. I love it all so damn much. Wonderful. Even got the Welsh in there.

    I just love this…I really do.


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