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Blogathon day 50 – Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland!

I love seasons, I have tried over the years to choose a favourite but really for the most part I like the current one. Spring with that fresh feeling in the air, like possibility, seeing the world turn green and feel warm again. Summer brings barbeques, festivals and warm days at the beach, holidays, pimms and a cheery disposition. If one season were to *slightly* edge in front of the others it would be Autumn, with its colours, fallen leaves and crisp cold days that are still bright and blue. It is, in my opinion, the prettiest season, the one which makes me want to go for walks and adventures. Then there is Winter, the season of the day (technically yesterday), the one I have asked the girls to tell me a story, and a joke, about. Winter brings warm layers, scarves, hats and gloves, the possibility of snowdays and warming up by a crackling log fire with mulled wine or hot chocolate. Yes please!!

So let us dispense with the funny business. Here is my joke.

What’s the difference between Snowmen and Snowgirls?


I love snow! I love the fact that it can transform the world around you, make it beautiful, clean and new. I know there are downsides to bad weather, but just for a minute pretend that noone gets hurt, driving is safe, the world doesn’t grind to a halt…isn’t snow AWESOME?! One of the main things I love about snow days are their ability to bring out the inner child in all of us. A few years ago my university had a snowday. Our SRC President at the time had a brainwave and asked everyone to capture their day, whether in photos or videos, and send them in. Result? UWE students are HILARIOUS (and a tad rude). Check it out…


Always makes me laugh 🙂 The 3, 2, 1 in the middle was me. We spent AGES building an entire snow family and all my rugby crazed flatmate wanted to do was tackle one, so he did! That girl on the ‘sled’ at the end there? Also me…alas the camera was also mine, snowballs and technology don’t go well boys and girls!!

So this winter let’s all have a little fun. When it’s cold and wet and gross outside don’t complain, think outside the box. Why not get crafty, or bake something, or if all else fails make a flagon of mulled wine and enjoy it! Here’s wishing you all a snug and fun filled winters season. Enjoy it xx


About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. That snow day looked mighty fun…and that was you speaking? Oooh! Awesome! Rugby tackling a snowman sounds great fun to me.

    What a joy.

    And I like that joke, very funny, hahaha.

  2. OOOOOOH!!! WEIRD!!!!! I remember that video… when it was first made!!! Aaaaaaaah. I know, given that our timelines have probably crossed more than once this wasn’t unexpected but it took me by surprise big time!

    And that joke will get a festive mention every year from here on in!


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