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Day 1 – Dear Me

Today I decided to choose Katy’s theme ‘A letter to your 13 year old self with some guidence for the future’. It’s probably not going to be the most fun read, but it was theraputic to write. Actually got quite emotional, at WORK, awkward turtle!

Anywho…here goes!

Dear Me,

Happy 13th birthday! I hope you have an amazing time in London, visiting the Millennium Dome and going on the London Eye! Enjoy the day with Simone; you two won’t be friends forever. Not for any bad reasons, it’s just that sometimes you lose touch with people, like Lucy Wilson (though randomly you are going to see her this year, Knighton House are having a Reunion, go!), you know how it is. Just fyi, if you tell mum and dad you’re going to sit and enjoy the ‘rest zone’ you’ll probably get more time in there as they won’t be worried about where you are. Parents don’t seem to understand that watching lights and listening to chillaxing (that’s a word from later on in the noughties you can have!) music is just as much ‘enjoying the experience’ as running around the ‘Body Zone’ or playing on a bus in the ‘Journey Zone’, ah well. Appreciate the day with Ed too, you won’t get many days with her over the next 11 years so getting to know her now is a good idea. I know she can seem a bit stand offish but she’s lovely and if I know you (and I do) you won’t let that stop you from trying! Oh and one last thing, gym trousers with a zip up top wrapped round your waist isn’t a good look, take it from me, you’ll regret it. Go for a t-shirt over a long sleeved top and some nice jeans while you still have those skinny legs!! Or invest in a ‘hoody’, they’re the future! Also grow your hair, it’s far easier to handle. Ignore mum, you don’t have to have a fringe, your forehead is NOT that big! Also in a few years time these AMAZING things called ‘straighteners’ will be everywhere, get yourself some Remmingtons till you can afford GHD’s and embrace those layers!

It’s exciting to be a teenager hey? I have to say I really don’t have that much ‘advice’ for you kiddo, at 24 we still don’t believe in regrets. The main ones are, get to know Grandad (both of them) because they’re SUCH interesting guys and if you don’t you won’t discover this till it’s too late. Don’t worry too much about people liking you, even family, in the end you realise the important ones stick around and the less important ones don’t, some of them leave and come back…just go with the flow. You WILL fall in love, hard and for a long time sweetie, in the end actually more than once though the second time is more complicated (that’s as far as I’ve got!) so stop making those cynical eyes at me and just enjoy it. Things are gonna get tough with the parentals, but you’ll know what to do, and in doing it you’re going to earn a lot of respect for being a sensible and mature young woman. Maintain that reputation, all the idiotic fun stuff can just be between you and me 😉

Some tips, just a few, take Spanish (as an extra class) at uni, yes it’s an evening course that doesn’t finish till 9 but you won’t regret it! Also learn the guitar, now, while you have time. The flute is fun but it’s not a social instrument, the guitar is far more practical. Go swimming more, and play badminton with dad. Sport and exercise doesn’t have to be a chore and believe me you’ll appreciate the effort. Find the fun ones, you like the cross trainer, swimming, basketball and skiing! All are good! I don’t want to tell you what to study at uni, because while I don’t love my degree I still think it’s responsible for where I am today, and there are lots of reasons to be happy with that.

Mainly remember, you’re going to get everything you want that’s in your power to get, because you’re a nice person, a hard worker and stubborn as a mule. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it, it’s just the way we’re built!

I’m not sure if I could that I’d swap places with you, but you’re in for a heck of a decade. Make the most of every opportunity, don’t get complacement, follow your gut,  say yes to every opportunity and don’t over analyse, so far, everything has worked out great.

Love, You xx

Job done. Make sure you head over and read Katy and Fionas blogs from today too!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Ooooh, awkward turtle. What IS that from?? My friend ALWAYS used to say it and I can’t remember!

    Awwww, your 13th birthday sounds awesometastic. Although I’m not sure if 13 year old Katy would know what FYI meant 😛

    What made you emotional about it? And who is Ed…? I am intruiged 🙂

  2. This is lovely, I like how you mix learning with socialising, with no regrets. Guitar and Spanish are good things to learn really.

    I think it’s amazing, looking at our lives with hindsight, seeing the things we’d like to make different if it were at all possible.

  3. You know I just thought, 13 was pre 911. Pre any solo trips or travels, 2 of my nephews and both my neices, my parents divorce, meeting 100% of my best friends. I had 5/6 grandparents (Ed is my mums step mum), all my siblings were speaking to each other and to both my parents…it was literally a different world.

    What made me emotional was mainly the bit about missed opportunities with people who aren’t here anymore, and thinking (overly dramatic bit coming up) about this kid who just wanted to make everyone smile, and now much crap is gonna happen to her over the next few years, some of it actually because she just wants to make everyone happy and that kind of attitude pisses people off. You get called a try hard. I’m not sure I’d do anything differently, like I said, it’s just I don’t often think about how tough it was, that’s all.

    • I found this today It’s not a ‘letter to self’ but it still seems relevant. Thought you might like to read x

    • That’s not overly dramatic 🙂 It’s a very realistic summarisation of of a really rough period in your life. As you sum up in a roundabout way, everything that happened then has made you who you are today and there is definitely nothing wrong with you today 😀

      • OOoh, and with regards to that brilliant letter there is a book called By The Time You Read This (Lola Jaye) which is written by a father who is given 6 months to live and is to be read by his daughter on every birthday from 12 – 30. Fantastic book (a little gerishly coloured) but even better because it’s written by a woman from a man’s point of view 🙂

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