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Day 2 – Blimey! It’s a bit choppy out there!!

Hello and welcome (will there ever come a day where that phrase doesn’t make me think of university?) to day 2 of the Alphathon. Todays blog is brought to you by the letter ‘B’ which is actually turning out to be pretty hard. Katy made us a list of all the topics for each day, and I knew looking through the list that some days were going to be harder than others, but for some reason ‘B’ didn’t register as one of them. I had a pretty bad start to today and thought that might have been adding to my struggles but after a lovely lunch hour I have come back fighting and….still nothing! Haha!

Todays topics are:

Fiona – Boats – describe a boat trip
Katy P – Bad habits
Katy S – Banter – a laugh or an excuse to be rude?

It’s such a glorious day outside, and after a lovely walk by the sea today I think I’m going to have to go with Fiona…Boats!

I love the water, being in it, on it, by it, anything apart from drinking it actually *avoids gaze of 3/4 full 2l bottle sat on desk waiting to be drunk*. Now bear with me while I decide on the best boat trip to tell you all about…there’s the time I first learned to sail a topper dinghy round Pembrokeshire Castle, or perhaps family trips on the yacht my stepdad used to have, Elizabeth, catamaran trips on holiday where you fly across the water so fast it’s exhilarating….or maybe the time my father and I went sea fishing. He promised me we’d see whales…about 4 hours into the trip I finally gave in and asked ‘When will we see whales Dad?’. He made a great show of it, ‘Oh! Hmmm….’ *hand on chin, looking around the boat* then a HUGE EXCITED SMILE ‘There it is!!!!!’ he exclaimed, pointing at the distant shore… ‘Wales!’. I’ve never quite forgiven him.

But usually when I think of boat trips, it’s this one which pops into my mind…I think I was about 9 or 10 years old, it was one of the first, in fact only beach family holidays my mum, dad and I ever went on abroad. We were in Greece and my nephew Josh was with us too, on the Isle of Kos I think. We had a great week, taught Josh how to swim, went to kids club, my parents hired a jet ski for the day and took us out, a proper lovely holiday! There’s a whole different story about the hotel not being finished and there being rats in the pool but, this is about boats so we’ll save that for another day.

The parental units decided to book us all on to a day trip, on a boat which I remember looking just like a pirate ship. We boarded near our hotel, travelled round the island to a cove where we went ashore for paella and snorkling and then came home. They were serving sangria out of jugs straight into the passengers mouths…it’s one of those things that as a kid you just accept (though obviously not participate) but as an adult I’m impressed…pouring drink on a MOVING boat without spilling any? Good effort! The main memory of this boat trip comes on the way home, it was a beautiful day, blue skies, baking sun but the ocean was STORMY. These humungus waves were throwing our boat around like a kids bouncey ball and before long everyone was sick, except for my family. Mum’s been a sailor all her life and Dad being an army man just ‘doesn’t do travel sickness’ so they were fine, while us kids got sent right to the prow of the boat, sitting with our legs dangling, holding onto the raised gang plank and getting covered in salty spray and waves as the hit the deck. (Tip for you, if you get sea sick head as far forward in the middle of the boat you can get, preferably outside, and have something to eat! Trust me!) It was so much fun. I hadn’t seen Titanic at the time (it wasn’t even out yet) but that scene ‘Jack! I’m flying!’ reminds me of that day, and that boat. Brilliant fun!

Just for fun I thought I’d keep a ‘scores tally’ during our Alphathon, you get 1 point for every person who chooses your topic to write about, but no points for choosing your own topic. So far the scores stand thus:

Day 1. Katy S: 2 Peg: 0 Katy P: 0
Day 2. Katy S: 3 Peg: 1 Katy P: 1


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  1. U+WE. Whoever thought of them needs a badge… or a smack. Anyway. I am never one to complain buuuuut…. My theme for the day was banter…I think yours was the boat trip. Annnnnd I’m sure I should be on 3 not two :P… I’ll read the blog now 😀 As we were…

    • Ooo this is a case of me actually getting confused by us having the same name…obv wrote Katy meaning me, then got distracted, saw I’d already written Katy and assumed I was left. Rectified now!

  2. No, sorry, peg’s was boat trip. Mine was banter… yours was bad habits! This is all very confusing 😀

    • Haha anything to actually say on the blog? Or just the points? You’re def on 2 as we all chose yours yesterday and you don’t get points for choosing your own! So with boats being Fi’s and Bad Habits being mine we’re now on 1 each and you’re on 2 till Fi writes. All v complicated for a bit of fun :-/

  3. That trip sounds really awesome, except the seasickness part! Boats aren’t good for that, are they?!

    You’ve done lots of sailing and boating then, that’s rather awesome. Your dad had a yacht? Excuse me whilst my mouth drops…haha.

    Looks like Katy is now on 3!!!

    • Step dad is an ol’ sea dog. He’s worked in galleys on tall ships for many a year and so he and mum took the plunge a few years ago to buy Elizabeth. They sold her last year and now own Spartan…what a name huh? He’s (I thought all boats were she’s but ‘Spartan’ just can’t be a girls name right?!) moored down on the South Coast so they sail to the IOW often these days!

  4. Hahaha, I’m sorry, I got all confused and typed things in a hurry and have just realised I still haven’t comment on the blog… This definitely won’t feature on any kind of awesome certificate.

    The whole sitting on the front of the boat, being splasted (dorwned) by waves with the sun beating down on you is incredible. We did it in Barbados, with the song ‘Rock the Boat’ (amongst other less nautical themed songs) being blared from a speaker. Absolutely incredible!

    Sounds like you’ve had a fair few dealings with the sea! The thing I love reading through your blogs (and tweets) is how close you are to your nephews – it gives me that warm and gooey family feeling inside!


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