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Day 3 – Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work.

Ah hello…lovely to see you on this beautiful day! The sun is shining over the Bristol Channel and while it’s a little chilly it was definitely worth waking up to see the sunrise!

Todays blog is brought to you by the letter C, the options are as follows:

Katy S: Credit Crunch – how good are you with money?
Peg: Crafts – make something, tell us about something you’ve made or about something you’d like to make.
Katy P: Certificate of awesome – make one for yourself

I get enough money talk from my parents so, sorry Katy S but I shan’t be selecting your theme today. My theme is a good thing to do if you need cheering up, because it forces you to look at the positives of you…but I’m in a pretty good mood today, not in need of a pick me up in the slightest so…I think I shall select Fionas theme, and talk about some crafty stuff.

I’ve always enjoyed getting creative. As a kid I used to love looking through a book called ‘Fun with Cooped up Kids’ and deciding what we would do that day. Mum and I would make salt dough, play with my fantastic flowers kit or head to the beach to collect stuff for a collage. It all kind of lulled for a while through uni and then in 2009 I discovered scrapbooks, started sewing, playing around in the kitchen and remembering how much fun experimenting can be.

Have you ever heard of Pinterest? It’s a website which acts a bit like a pin board. People pin things they find interesting and you can follow them, see what they have pinned and ‘repin’ them to your own boards. On my Pinterest site I have a board specifically for crafty ideas. It’s a great source of inspiration and creativity which makes me want to get my craft kit out. People upload sewing tutorials, baking tutorials, ideas for art, design, hairstyles and crafts. This site gave me the idea for the advent calendars I made my nephew and parents, also the scrabble tile decorations I gave people for Christmas… in fact here’s a link to all the things I made after seeing them on Pinterest Well, all the ones which worked out anyway!

When I first saw this topic on the blog roll I was planning all sorts of tutorials and things I could share with you, but honestly after an amazingly busy weekend I am a little (lot) unprepared. Also as I’m planning to leave the country in the not so distant future my crafting has ceased for the time being. I know that a trip to the craft or fabric store is going to result in me spending money which should be in the travel pot so find it best to avoid completely. However my next idea in the pipeline is a quilt. I want to collect t shirts or material from every step of my upcoming travels so that when I eventually stop moving, I can create something like this…

Pinned Image

When backpacking, collecting trinkets are only going to weigh down your bag or cost you a fortune in postage. This idea is portable, unusual (though not unique, especially since something similar featured in Twilight) and also cost effective. I love the idea of memories keeping you warm after you’ve left the beach, of having a visual representation of the adventures you had in a form other than photographs and that it’s something I’ll have forever. Filling your life with memories of your own creation seems so much more meaningful to me than something you bought, though they often have stories too. I (eventually) want a home full of pictures I’ve taken, paintings I’ve drawn, quilts I’ve sewn and handmade Christmas decorations. Crafts from friends, memories of days I spent with fun people doing fun things…all of these will fill my home, now that’s something to look forward to.

Today we have a 4th blogger joining the Alphathon…a bit like Trepatukas and the Blogathon she’s going to dip in and out. Her name is Lauren and you can find her Retrospective Ramblings blog, along with Katy and Fionas blogs by following the links over there –>


About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I do love your idea of a quilt, there was one on another television programme too and it really does work so well. Instead of having a wardrobe/drawer full of t-shirts you may never choose to wear again, you can turn them into something practical.

    I’ve always loved looking at your pinterest and all of the awesome things you’ve created!!!

  2. This is an AWESOME idea! I love it 😀 😀 It is such a brilliant way of recording everywhere you have been and everything you have done… I LOVE it 😀

  3. Really liked reading this, made me think of the crafts and art that I no longer get round to doing but have always enjoyed.
    The quilt idea reminds me of the photo quilt that the girl gets, and the magician’s cape that the wee boy gets, from the mum in Stepmom. Personal, well-made, sentimental, all the things that make a brilliant gift. I couldn’t agree more that a home full of lovely, home-made, crafty goods and gifts would be delightful. Never mind Homebase, homemade makes a house a home!


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