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Day 4 – Dreams, Destiny, Dragons and Danger

Todays topic choices were:

Katy S – Don’t know, don’t care – top 5 irritants you could do without!
Peg – Dragons, what mythical creatures do you wish existed in the real world?
Katy P – Diary of a mobile phone/keys/pen.

Oh Katy S…how close I came to writing my second moany, ranty blog of the day…but nay, one is enough.

When I was a kid I wrote a story I can’t remember the name of. It was about a girl called Kyra who travelled across a magical land to save her brother. He had been shot by a poison dart while out playing and Kyra had to travel to the Glistening Valley, beneath the Glass Mountains on the Isle of the Smoke Creatures to seek out a mysterious Wizard. Everyone knew if you could answer the Wizards riddle, he would grant you any wish you asked, it was Kyras only hope.

Our heroin was from a small valley to the west of Rainbow Falls, which if you were to visit, you might say reminds you of Neverland. Boys and girls were common place, as were Mermaids, Centaurs and Faeries…as you can see, everything in Kyras valley resembled humans. On her quest Kyra was joined by a motley crew of friends; there was Sqwark, Muddle, Bobbins and Um, creatures like nothing Kyra had ever seen. Sqwark had the body of an ostrich, legs of a flamingo, wings of a dragon and the head of a giraffe. Muddle was a gnome like creature who’s skin was furred and striped like a zebra, his long tail acted as a 5th hand and his lower body consisted of a large coiled spring. The best way for you to imagine Bobbins would be to think of a large wolf made from vines and leaves. When Bobbins was angry his back would prickle and thorn making him a formidable enemy. He and Kyra had a tenuous relationship to start with, but after bonding through battle he would often grow a mossy coat and allow Kyra to sleep curled up in his fur when they stopped for the night. Um was always my favourite, she was a Smoke Creature, mysterious beautiful and fluid, noone ever knew her true form. She appeared as whatever would either scare or calm those who approached her, depending on the goodness she saw within. Throughout the story Um appeared as a tornado, nymph and once even disguised herself as the mist above a lake. She was a joyful prangster who delighted in making Kyra laugh, usually at Bobbins expense. Sadly before I could complete the tale our computer was wiped and the adventure over, but I’ve always remembered the creatures my imagination created.

Today Peg asked Katy, Lauren and I what mythical creatures we wished existed in the real world; I just have no idea how I would narrow this down.  I adore fantasy fiction, Tolkien, Barrie, Carroll, Lewis and Rowling all have a place in my heart. I would love to visit the places they created, to meet warlocks, and Ents, see the Bandersnatch and ride a griffin. Imagine a world with mermaids and unicorns, where dragons ruled the skies and Elves the wood. A place where I could meet Sqwark and Bobbins, or travel under the twin moons with Um and Muddle by my side.

I wonder though, if this was normality, what then the imagination would create? Perhaps somewhere there is a woman, quill in hand, having rode her unicorn at lunch, writing a story about something we would find quite normal, like a cat, or a newt. Now there’s an idea.

Scores after Day 3:

Katy S: 3 Katy P: 4 Peg: 2


About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. This sounds like a world I would love to live in 😀 I envy your imagination, especially as a kid. I always did (and still struggle to) read stories, watching films where the things don’t *actually* exist and would love to beleive, if only my mind would let me!

    Ever thought of re-writing your story? 🙂

    • I did think about it for a while after I lost it, I might have even attempted it once or twice, but it was never going to be as good the second time around. Sometimes I wish I could tell someone my ideas and have them create the words you know? I could dictate what was to happen, describe to them the scene and the characters and the gist, but I need help making it something people can read. I much prefer telling stories these days, they come out better when you say them out loud 🙂

  2. This is lovely, so utterly amazing. Your imagination makes me smile so much. Um, what a great name, at first I thought you were pausing mid thought, but it turned out to be so much better.

    Maybe you should try recording yourself as you tell the story and then write that down, if you think they come out better?

    I’d love to have the imagination to create stuff like this, it’s such a great world you created all in your mind. Such a shame that story is lost!

    • Haha really oddly it’s a name they use in Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland, the red Queen calls Alice ‘Um’ 🙂

      Your imagination creates amazing things missy, don’t know what you’re worried about! I love your stories, and Katy too, after reading her journey down a path…very good story tellers indeed!


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