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Day 9 – If I could live anywhere

Yesterday (I’ve been a bit slack this week, writers block) our choices were:

Katy S – Indescribable – describe the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen
Katy P – If – Write your own version of the famous poem
Peg – Igloo – would you stay in an igloo if you had the chance? How about other ‘strange’ house type things? House boats? Yurts? Treehouses?

Well Fiona, simply put, yes please!! I aim to experience a whole host of weird and wonderful accommodations during my life if I can manage it. So far my list includes the Ice Hotel (even the beds are ice, loaded with furs!), Poseidon Undersea Resort, the Magic Mountain Hotel  and these treehouses…

I’d like to make my own shelter and sleep in it, to stay in a lighthouse with the sea crashing against the rocks, cosy up in a windmill or traditional gipsy caravan, and sleep in a cave hollowed out from a cliff with a roaring fire for company! How amazing to visit a Native American Tipi camp and learn about the culture, likewise with a Mongolian Yurt or to see the Northen Lights from the door of my igloo…all of these things I would do if money and time were no object. I hope I’ll get to do at least some.

Perhaps you are thinking these all sound a little exotic, but this does not have to be the case! Did you, perchance, hear of the Sand Hotel, just down the coast in Dorset? I’m not sure about sleeping on sand, out in the open air in Britain…but would certainly be an experience!

There are of course a few accommodations I would not like to experience, lines I would not cross. When on exercise with the army my father and his team dug snow holes in which to spend the night. You dig down into the snow a certain amount of feet, then across either side. The men had to enter into it one at a time and scooch across, meaning in order to get out you had to wait for all those in front of you to exit first. During the night, dad told me, the snow would compact around you so you’d often wake up with it touching your nose. I’d be terrified, especially having to wait for 4 or 5 people to shimmy out before me if I was the first one in. Knowing if you you panicked you could cause a collapse in the snow…that’s just not for me.

This is slightly different to the story dad told me, but you get the idea!

This also doesn’t tempt me in the slightest…it’s called a ‘portaledge’. So when you’re scaling a clifface (now doesn’t that sound fun! Not!) and it starts getting dark, pitch your bed for the night and it’s sleepytime! N.o.t.h.a.n.k.y.o.u.!

But for the most part I have said I’d try anything once. People around the world live in such different environments to me, some make my home look like a hovel, compared to others I live in luxury, but for the most part they were just different and for that reason alone I would like to experience them!

Peg and I have both been rather crap at this blogging lark really. Fi has a good excuse what with her other daily writing challenge she’s doing and it being her birthday and stuff, me not so much. So no scores till we’re both up to date!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. reading this post makes me want to experience pretty much everything you mentioned .
    er…. maybe except the snow hole…
    by the way, where are those tree houses?

    • I have never discovered where they are, still hunting!! I found the picture last year sometime and was amazed. It looks like something straight out of Avatar!

      • I know how’s that like, found some awesome pictures, but never get to know where the hell they are! Too much amazing stuff floating around the internet 😉

      • I think I’ve just remembered why I can never find them, because I search at work and the website the picture is from is blocked.

        Completely agree about the ice hole though, doesn’t it sound horrid?! Couldn’t do it! Apparently he’s dug out/slept in one like the picture too. Once you’ve dig it you run a lit candle all round the inside to melt the snow, which then refreezes solid, so solid you can have a fire in your snow palace! I know this because on his arctic sleeping bag is a patch my mum had to sew after he fell asleep and lit his toes on fire…2 metres under the ice! What a wally!!

      • what a story! I never thought something like that is even possible!

        If i’m inside that cold ice hole, im sure I wouldn’t be able to sleep, as I’d be thinking the hole would just collapse when I close my eyes! Then starte to panic as I know i would be the last to get out! oh lord. I don’t think I’m claustrophobic, but this is extreme.

      • Completely agree, yet people do it, part of survival training! Never know when this knowledge might come in handy :S

  2. I really admire your ability to chuck everything aside and more than happily go and try most of these things! (I’m with you on the snow hole and clifface). The experiences will be utterly incredible, the stories you have to tell brilliant!

    I can’t wait to hear all of your stories 🙂

    • I dunno, it’s just how I’ve always been. Guess with dad in the army, and mum who loves to sail and water ski and abseil and generally try new things it’s kind of in my blood. Two of my brothers are always off on adventures, it’s just what we like to do 🙂 Yeah it’s often scary, but really that’s part of the fun!

      • Hahaha, what an adventurous family! But waterskilling?! 😛

        See my family have never been like that, quite the opposite. My mum suffers with horrendous anxiety, some of which has rubbed off, and my Dad was a quiet, shy guy, snaps there too!

        I would love to see the world, just from the King Size Bed of a 5* hotel!!

      • You need to go to this place could be right up your alley! 😛

  3. I appear to have missed a really busy conversation here…this all looks so wonderful, some lovely ideas, some easier than others and some that would be quite frankly terrifying – I’m with you on the snow/portaledge ones.

    I’ve built a few shelters in my time, never got to sleep in them mind, but it’s really easy – all you need is to find a really woody forest that has plenty of fallen down pieces of trees and you can build anything you like. Always good to have a piece of tarp on hand to held make it a little more waterproof though, at least for the floor…haha.

    That reminds me, I need to book a trip to the local country park should they still allow it, to take my Beaver Scouts shelter building, soo much fun.

    • Oo that sounds really fun! I hope they have things like Beavers and Scouts in Thailand, would like to get involved. If not maybe I’ll be contacting you on tips for starting it up 🙂

      I’ve made dens lots of times, but it would be nice to do some proper survival training and learn to make a real shelter you know? Bear Grills style!


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