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Day 11 – Kcuts….that’s ‘stuck’ backwards, which is what I am!

Well not backwards, but def stuck, have been all day…you’ll see.

Day 11’s themes are:
Katy S – (Fiona) KATHRYN! What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done?
Katy P – Killing time – How do you do it?
Fiona – KKK – white supremacy, opinion?

I’m stumped.

First thought when stumped? Ask Twitter.

Three responses; One says Katy S, another says Katy S or Fiona, and the third says amalgamate the three.


*some time passes*

Right, well as I asked three people, and all three of them in one way or another said I should do Katy’s theme I’m going to attempt that.

*more time passes*

Nope. Stuck.

Essentially, I’ve always been a goody two shoes. I was never really naughty as a kid or teenager (ask my mother!) and anything I did that was against the rules was always a bit tame when compared to the rest of my clan. I skipped school once or twice (who hasn’t?! *cue Katy and Fi telling me they have never done this*). Once I ran away from school in the middle of the day. Yup, all the way to the old peoples home next door where I spent the afternoon with my great aunt. I planned to get the bus home as usual before realising my mobile (Nokia 3310) had a MILLION missed calls. I was terrified, but after explaining to my mum why I’d done what I did I wasn’t in trouble at all; in fact she didn’t make me go back to school again. This was April of my GCSE year and I still say that taking an extended study leave was the best thing I could have done, it’s definitely what earned my ‘B’ in math!

When my parents were away I would often have parties; invite the crew round for a bit of underage drinking, staying up all night listening to ridiculous music and generally living off pizza…that kind of thing! Most of the time these get-togethers were carried out with full parental permission; they knew my friends and were happy their house was in safe hands. The two times I had ‘secret’ parties I thought I’d got away with it, master of concealment that I am. Apparently not. This month after my nephew’s NYE bash turned disastrous (can you believe that was this month?!) my stepfather announced that the two times I’d had parties without permission they had only known because of a bag of empties in the rubbish and the tell tell sign that the house was cleaner than when they left it. Oops. Makes you sick doesn’t it? Certainly made Josh a bit sick, he wasn’t impressed with perfect teenage me, haha!

So really, in a nutshell, I don’t have any public stories of bad behaviour. And the private ones? Well, they’re for me to know and you to wonder about! A girl’s gotta have some secrets!



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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Nope…never skipped school…hahaha. Not school school anyway. I once had my parents ring up college to say I wasn’t coming in because all I had that day was 10 minutes of form time and really, who wants to walk 40 minutes there AND back for 10 minutes? I was always too chicken that I’d get caught, about anything, so yeah.

    I remember you saying about your nephews party and your rents knowing about the secret parties…it’s rather hilarious really, but really is a testament to how much they trusted you that they didn’t bring it up at the time.

    • And there I was thinking I was a goodytwoshoes 😛 I was often scared I’d get caught, but sometimes (just for minor offences) that’s half the fun!

      Ah yes, poor Josh. Girls are just so much more sneaky than boys anyway, he didn’t stand a chance.

  2. Hahahaha. As expected, I never skipped school. a) I was far to frightened of the consequences and b) I had no one to skip with!

    You told us about the Josh/party story when we had coffee, it made me laugh when and it still makes me laugh now! This house is no cleaner than the day after a party!

    • Hahaha I was in one like that yesterday, gave myself half an hour to fix it or no scones for me. It’s so much nicer being in a clean house, even when it’s not yours!

      I didn’t always have someone to skip school with, sometimes it was fun just hanging out watching crappy daytime tv. I actually skipped school more than once to study, which seems backwards. The worst day though was when I’d factored in mum, but not my brother. He came home around 11 and I was trapped (in my wardrobe (with a book, haha), terrified he’d come in) for HOURS! Eventually he went in the shower and I was able to go and get some food but other than that the day was not fun. Thinking now, he’d have probably thought it hilarious that I was skipping school (the sort of thing my siblings did all the time) and we’d have had a really fun day. Instead I listened to him sliding up and down the corridor singing Elvis and Savage Garden in a voice the King would have been proud of…ahh good times!


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