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Day 12 – Ladles and jellyspoons

Theme options:

Katy S – LMAO – the funniest day you can remember
Katy P – Ladles and jellyspoons – tell me your favourite poem
Fiona – Letter – write a letter to the world

Well, sorry Katy but as we discussed yesterday, abbreviations like ‘lmao’ and ‘rofl’ make me feel a little dirty, not in a good way, so I shan’t be selecting your theme. And Peg, I between the message in a bottle and letter to your 13 year old self I’m all lettered out so…today I choose my theme!

Here it is:

Escape at Bedtime by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The lights from the parlour and kitchen shone out
Through the blinds and the windows and bars;
And high overhead and all moving about,
There were thousands of millions of stars.
There ne’er were such thousands of leaves on a tree,
Nor of people in church or the Park,
As the crowds of the stars that looked down upon me,
And that glittered and winked in the dark.

The Dog, and the Plough, and the Hunter, and all,
And the star of the sailor, and Mars,
These shown in the sky, and the pail by the wall
Would be half full of water and stars.
They saw me at last, and they chased me with cries,
And they soon had me packed into bed;
But the glory kept shining and bright in my eyes,
And the stars going round in my head.


Peg is now up to day 10 so…by my calculations (remember no points for choosing your own theme, and some days Lauren blogged too so there were 4 points up for grabs) the scores are:

Katy S: 9 Katy P: 13 Peg: 8

  Katy S Katy P Peg
1 – A 2 0 0
2 – B 1 1 1
3 – C 0 3 1
4 – D 1 2 1
5 – E 1 0 0
6 – F 0 2 1
7 – G 1 2 0
8 – H 2 0 1
9 – I 0 2 1
10 – J 1 1 2

About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

4 responses »

  1. Ooooh, check you with the scores on the doors! Thank you very much for doing them!

    That’s a lovely poem, where did you first here it? I love the poem of the same name as your title 🙂 Ladles and jellysoons, I come before you to stand behind you…. I could recite it backwards, with my eyes close and stood on my head I think!

    • Ah scores is just a bit of fun 🙂 Keeps me occupied.

      I first heard ladles and jellyspoons in college, this girl told me she’d written it in school…turns out that was nonsense! You’d never get away with that stuff now, with google in my pocket I’d find you out in no time!

      This poem I first found in a book of childrens poetry I had. We had a book fair at school and my teacher pretty much begged me to buy it. Mum said I could only have one book, and I’d kind of found one I wanted but Miss Pickett was so insistant I didn’t have the heart to say no, so I asked mum for that instead. Found some of my fave poems in it and still read it today, which probably wouldn’t be the case had I stuck to my original choice so…good call Miss P!

  2. Woo for losing! 😛 Hahaha. At least I’m not as far behind as I thought I was going to be.

    That is a wonderful poem, I love it, oh so much.

    I must admit, I can’t seem to enjoy poems if they don’t rhyme, so this poem is perfect for me. It’s got a great flow and wonderfulness in the words.

    • I think you’ve caught up now actually!

      I like all sorts of poems, but I think I find rhymey ones easier. Maybe it’s to do with what you were introduced to as a kid most? I remember not understanding how it could be a poem if it didn’t rhyme, and now I don’t enjoy them as much. Must be a link there somewhere!


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