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Day 13 – My mate, marmite!

Katy S – Motherduckers! Are you a meat eater? Not a meat eater? A fussy meat eater? All things meat v. veggie.
Katy P – Mistakes – good or bad?
Fiona – Marmite – three things you love and three things you hate.

First things first…Katy, motherduckers?! What on earth is that when it’s at home?

Today seems tricky, none of the themes seem to be sparking any creativeness within me, but that might be the general mood of the day really; *sluggish*. After spending all weekend in the TEFL classroom (which was really fun) my brain seems to have given up. Oddly my whole office appear to be in a similar mental state, I wonder what their excuses are!

So, I’m going for the ‘easiest’ theme. Thanks Peg!

  1. Speaking in quotes – I love being able to slip a quote into my everyday speech, and like it even more when someone notices.
    It’s the little things which make me happy most of the time.
  2.  Hats – More accurately hats seem to like me…I still say it’s because they inevitably cover up some of my face, but there you have it, this head looks good when hatted!
  3. Giving people things – I love giving presents and making people smile. If I have the chance I really like to think hard about what to get people and give/make the perfect gift.


  1. Angry people. I don’t mean those with a genuine reason. I mean people who pick fighta or start an arguments for no apparent reason.
    Don’t ruin my day because you’re having a hormone imbalance. Take it elsewhere.
  2. TMI! You know those people who don’t know when to stop talking? I do not need to know every detail of your sex life/childs potty habits/conversations I was not witness to. Thanks!
  3. Missing out – I seem to constantly suffer from fomo (fear of missing out), especially at work when there’s always something going on! Pub trips? Mountain bike adventures, trips to the continent? I’m in!!
    I also hate that this ‘fomo’ makes me seem like I’m always angling for an invite, which I usually am, but one does not like to appear ‘desperate’. Haha!

So there you have it, my marmite list! Marmite, would of course, fall into the former category, yummy stuff!!

What would your lists be made of?


About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. I love those pictures, they’re great!

    I think I suffer from a fear of missing out too! My parents always said I’d be last to bed and first up in the morning so I didn’t miss a second of what was happening, I’m exactly the same now. Even when I can barely keep my eyes open and have nothing more to add to anything I won’t go to bed, just in case I miss the last laugh, the best story, the dramatic moment someone trips over their own feet…

  2. Great list…Marmite, mmm.

    Quotes are rather awesome…you’re a hat person, that’s good, some people need to look good in hats cause I really don’t, or at least I’ve never found many hats I’ve been fond of, except a black one with white dots that belonged to my grandma until she decided to give it to me. They did have a cupboard full of hats after all.

    Anywho…fomo is an interesting one because I think it’s really valid to feel that way about things, especially things that other people then talk about when you’re around them. It’s not so bad if you’re genuinely interested (like when you and Katy were talking about UWE, that was fun) but if it’s something you could have been doing with them had they thought to ask, silly people, lol.

    • At the moment it’s mainly because I live so far away I think. So friends in London, Bristol or even people who live closer for work are all doing things and I’m too far away to join in. Plus as I’m trying to save up it’s a really toss between spending time with people I’m not going to see forever or save the cash…tricky! Most of the time, my living so far away acts as a deterrant for people even inviting me, but I’ll be so much furrrther away soon! >sigh< it's a pickle!


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