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Day 14 – Not today Monsters!!

Katy S – Nature or nurture? Do you think people are born gay or is something that develops through life?
Katy P – Never say never, or no way no how?
Fiona – Nightmares – what was the last nightmare you had?

I’m usually quite good at remembering my dreams. I went through a period of writing them down as part of some sort of deluded idea that I would be able to decipher them and learn things about my subconscious. That lasted all of a week, as while it was quite funny to read back the crazy things my head came up with, it’s also quite sleep disrupting to sit up, switch on a light and engage your brain in the middle of the night!

Right now I can’t remember the last bad dream I had. I know I wasn’t at home when I had it, which was good (always nice to not be on your own when you wake up scared!) but the details have gone. I know it’s impossible to remember everything, but it’s always struck me as odd that people rarely remember dreams and nightmares, unless they are recurring.

I’ve had a recurring nightmare since I was quite small. I first had it way before we moved to Wales; I think I must have been 4 or 5 years old. In it I am lost in the dark[i], surrounded by huge rectangular shapes casting deep black shadows in which things hide, waiting to get me[ii]. As I walk along the only open path I hear laughter, the cold, cruel, manic laughter which I still hate[iii]. Eventually I come to some floating stairs, which curve upwards to the left around a huge black concave mountain. There’s nowhere else to go so I ascend; there are no banisters to the left and only the boiling hot wall to the right which I cannot touch. As I climb, the world around me becomes a haze of flickering green light. I’m running now, up and up, scared of what’s behind, the things laughing in the darkness below. Then I realise, they’re not below. I have reached the top of the stairs and I see them, the monsters who have lured me into their trap and are laughing manically at the glee of it. Two gigantic, hairy, purple monsters[iv], stirring green liquid, bubbling in the cauldron I’d been climbing around. Terrified I try to descend the stairs backwards, not wanting to take my eyes from the monsters. Somehow I know they need me to complete their potion, I am the missing ingredient. Somehow I have also always known these figures were really my mum and dad, and that I had to run away and never see them again…lest I be boiled and eaten for supper.

Yeah…go analyse that, dream scrutinisers! But if you want to take me to the funny farm, you gotta catch me first!! 😛

Remember to go and check out the girls blogs too! Links, as always, are over there under ‘The Thons’! —>>

Scores on the doors are:

Katy S: 12
Katy P: 15
Fiona: 13

It”s all to play for!

[i]  That purpley cartoon dark you see in Tim Burton films

[ii] Sort of like in the Pagemaster, but they weren’t bookshelves

[iii] In fact it should definitely have been on my hate list yesterday, you know like on the Ronsil advert…or that Gorillaz ‘Feel Good’ song? Can’t listen to it, freaks me out!.

[iv] The Gruffalo was not written when I first had this dream, nor was Monsters Inc, but to help you imagine, these guys were a mix of Sully and the Gruffalo only more sinister.


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  1. I love the footnotes to your nightmare. Kind of make it all… real! Have you had it more recently?

    • I had them in the text to start with, but there were so many it was interupting the flow too much so…why not!! I haven’t had it for a few years now, was half worried I’d have it last night but it was aaall good!

  2. That is one kind of scary sounding nightmare, it’s amazing what, oddities, we create in our minds when we’re asleep. You have a great imagination, so it’s hardly a surprise, in many ways.

    • Yeah this one used to seriously freak me out. I haven’t had it in a few years now, probably since uni. If dreams and nightmares in themselves are a muster then recurring ones are just plain odd!!


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