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Day 17 – (A) quest for Juju.

Katy S – Quickly now dear – a 5 minute short story on Dinorawrs – go!
Katy P – Quotes – tell us some you use often.
Peg – Questions – ask 5 questions that you would like your fellow bloggers/anyone else to answer.

Today was a BIG day. The last X had been scratched; today he was 3, officially one of the big Dinorawrs. Today he was a hunter.

‘Good morning birthdaysaurus!!’ exclaimed Mamasaur as Juju emerged from cave mouth ‘Ohh my little egglett is all grown up and off on his first hunt! I’m so proud!’

Juju smiled weakly, eyed his mammoth steak and tried to ignore his queasy stomach. There was no way of slipping the bloody carcass under the table for Rex today. Perhaps he could be sick! But what was the point in delaying the inevitable? If he was not a hunter today he would be one tomorrow. You cannot be sick forever. Closing his eyes he swallowed his breakfast in one gulp, careful not to chew or let the congealing meat linger on his tongue.

The whole pack was out to watch his wrinkled skin be camouflaged and his three horns adorned with the leaves of the clan. Big Rina said it had been quite a shock when he broken free of his egg, four legged and three horned. But having emerged from Mamasaurs nest, son of Kingasaur, his appearance was not questioned. Not publicly. He had tried at first to walk on his back legs like his packmates, but after a while had given in and was thankful that his status gave protection from the worst of the bullies’ taunts. His horns had their uses too, as Rina discovered one day, she hadn’t pulled his tail since!

With a gigantic RRRAAAWWWWRR, Kingasaur called the pack to attention. ‘Friends…’ he thundered ‘…today a new contender seeks to join the ranks of Hunter or leaves our clan forever. Juju, you must enter the Darklands and bring us back your spoils. If you fail, your branch shall be ripped from the tree of Tyrano, you may never return to your cave, or be recognised by any pack member for as long as you remain. Good luck, my son. I pronounce the hunt….BEGUN!’

The pack roared and stomped the ground as Juju steadied himself, took a deep breath, and disappeared into the undergrowth. He ran till he could no longer hear the calls of his family, till his mountain home was a speck on the horizon. He had run so far, so fast he hadn’t noticed he had reached the edge of the Darklands, ahead the world was Light and Empty. By the last tree, Juju hesitated. He had heard tales of falling off the edge of the world, was this it? Had he run that far? Gingerly he stretched out his right leg, and lowered it towards the golden green ground, when suddenly a tremendous crash came from behind!! Juju was so scared his whole body started and he felt himself slipping down and down from the bank of trees towards the gaping hole at the end of the earth. He was going to be swallowed by the golden green!! This was it! Just then a massive shape struck his left side, making his head spin…then another brushed past him on the right, and another and another and another. Realising the ground below him was firm and even Juju raised his head. The shapes…no…that’s impossible…the shapes were Dinorawrs, massive things!! And they were running into the Light and Empty… each and every one of them using 4 giant legs!! But wait, Juju shook his head and squinted his eyes, maybe he was seeing things, but these creatures…they looked like him! Three horns, four legs and a long tail…what was going on?!

No longer scared, Juju got to his feet and began to run. In his excitement he soon caught the herd, and to his delight found the nearest one acknowledge him with a bow of his giant head. Without speaking, or understanding, as he ran with this herd of those who looked like him he felt free for the first time in his short life. He didn’t know what would happen next, how he would begin or what questions to ask when the herd stopped running, but somehow Juju knew, he was home.

Scores after day 16:
Katy S – 13
Katy P – 17
Peg – 14


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. It’s like a dinorawr coming out story… I LOVE IT! 😀 😀 😀 xxx

  2. Haha was very hard to keep it short, kept going off on George R. R. Martin style tangents, ridiculous levels of detail and side stories 😛 Glad you like it!

    You can find out your dino name here… 🙂

  3. Awwww, that is sooo cute. I love it. What a cutie Juju is, stuck in a world he didn’t quite know only to realise that somewhere else was really home.

    My dino name is: Hillosaur…random. 😛


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