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Day 18 – aRe you sure you want to do that?

 Katy S – RAWR! What are you scared of?
Katy P – Risk taker, are you?
Peg – Recipes – share a recipe!

I never used to take risks, I was always a goodie two shoes, playing by the rules, too scared I’d get caught. I know I’ve told you previously about skipping school, and having parties with my friends etc., but to me these didn’t seem ‘risky’ as I was a. completely confident I wouldn’t get caught and b. even more confident that if I was caught the ramifications would be at worst mild, and at best something I could explain my way out of. I’m known to be good, well behaved and someone who does what they are told, therefore any discrepancies were often overlooked; or on a few occasions viewed by my mother as proof that I was in fact her daughter, and not some dull angel she’d picked up accidentally!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s this upbringing which has led me to be more open to taking the occasional risk now I’m older. People say you become more cautious as you grow up; you have a greater understanding the risks involved and have more to lose so therefore are less likely to throw caution to the wind. Research has shown for example that teenage brains are more likely to make decisions made on emotions, rather than weighing up the pros and cons logically. It’s something to do with an underdeveloped lobe maybe? There’s a name for it I can’t remember. But as a teenager I always used to weigh everything! I’d consider the consequences for me, for my friends and family, how my actions would reflect on others and how it would make them feel. This is why I never told my parents I hate them (something all teenagers (again, I imagine, except Katy and Fi!) seem to have done at some point) for example, I didn’t do drugs, drink until I vomited or partake in vandalism or other stereotypical teenage activities. But after years of ‘getting away with it’, when I did take risks, the experience of never being caught, or if I was caught, not really being punished, I have to say that I’m now far more likely to think ‘sod it’ and take a risk. I’ve jumped off waterfalls, gone off on my own for the entire night at the Full Moon Party, met up with complete strangers from the internet and smoked a cigarette or three.

So would I consider myself a risk taker? Kind of. I’m not likely to bet all my money on the roulette table in Vegas, snort coke or do a bungee jump, but compared to teenage me I’m quite the daredevil!

Scores after day 17:

Katy S: 15
Katy P: 17
Peg: 14


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Haha, no, I have never told my parents I hate them…I never really argue with them either. I’ve argued with them more in the last couple of years (probably down to my messed up head) than I ever did as a teenager.

    I think it’s perhaps good that you’ve grown up able to take more risks and understanding the consequences may not be as bad as they once seemed like they would be.

    I’ve always kind of been the opposite – there’s some risks that I’ll happily (or nearly happily) take (such as jumping off a waterfall, bloody terrifying and flying to America all on my own for 3 months) and others that I wouldn’t dare. Unfortunately it’s the things I wouldn’t dare that I need to do the most (e.g. telling someone that I like that, having the courage to go out there and meet new people in real life, telling someone that I’m angry at them, etc.).


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