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Day 19 – Sooooo…what’s on tele this evening?

Katy S – Sister! Sister! Favourite TV shows as a teen/pre-teen
Katy P – Somebody has to say it….
Peg – Sing-along – what’s your favourite song to sing along to?

Today is hard!!! I could pick my theme and rant, Pegs and sing or Katy’s and reminisce…how to choose? Well, I don’t have my headphones today, so recalling songs I adore singing along too will probably be beyond my sleepy brain’s power. I did an ‘about me’ post yesterday, so telling you situations where I fail to retain words which would be better left unsaid could wait for another day…so I’m going with Katy’s theme and reminiscing (while learning to spell the word reminisce)!

So here were the first five from the teenage years which popped into my head…

  1. Neighbours – As a kid my sister used to love watching first Neighbours, then Home and Away (or the other way round…whichever way they were on television) till my father got sick of the ‘idiot box’ being on for an hour straight every day and made her choose, one Aussie soap or none! She chose Neighbours, and while I’m sure she hasn’t watched it in decades I’ve been hooked ever since. The show has been running for 27 years and I think I must have watched it for around 22 of them. Tad, Flick and Paul are still my fave era, back when Libby and Drew were together and I had a massive crush on Joel. I cannot wait to go on the Neighbours tour when I’m in Melbourne, such a geek!
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I didn’t have Sky in school, so all my friends were always series ahead of me when it came to Buffy, it was annoying at times (who the heck is Dawn?! Buffy doesn’t have a sister!!) but I’d be there religiously every Tuesday after Neighbours and the Simpsons to watch the goings on in Sunnydale. At university I was able to borrow the box sets from a friend and finally see all the episodes, I pretty much didn’t emerge from my room till I’d watched them all. A week well spent! Not sure if I have a favourite episode but The Gentlemen from Hush still scare the bejeebers out of me.
  3. Roswell (High) –I LOVED this show!! Aliens, romance, danger, drama, just brilliant! I first started watching it after someone in school said she’d seen someone who looked just like me in this show on Sky (typical). A few months later it came to terrestrial and I was once again hooked on a TV series. I hated Tess, loved Liz, lamented over Maria and Michael…it had it all!
  4. The Tribe – My friend Amanda and I used to walk to each other’s houses to watch this every Sunday. It was set in New Zealand, in a world where all the adults had been wiped out by a virus leaving the children to fend for themselves.  Tribes formed and war was rife in the city; the main battle in the first series was between a group who named themselves the Mall Rats and another called the Locos. Face-paint, mad hair, funky outfits and a world without grownups, loved it!
  5. I can’t narrow it down to a 5th one; am torn between the ‘children’s’ shows I loved like The Queens Nose, Goosebumps, The Demon Headmaster and The Wild House, or more ‘grownup’ programmes such as Bad Girls, Cutting It, Robot Wars and Changing Rooms. I loved Star Trek Voyager and always watched the Simpsons, how can I choose? It seems bizarre now that I barely watch television anymore to have so many favourites from years ago. Maybe I grew out of it, or maybe television just not as good as it used to be!

Scores after Day 18

Katy S: 15
Katy P: 17
Peg:  15


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  1. Oooooh, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of your Neighbours tour. We used to watched Neighbours and Home & Away (I think Home & Away was on first, then Neighbours at 5.35pm) whilst eating dinner.

    I’ve never heard of The Tribe, sounds quite interesting though! As for Buffy and Roswell, that was never really my cup of tea but I know loads of people who loved them. My friend still has them on video!!!

    • The Tribe was a Channel 5 thing I think, they had some random stuff on there.

      I love Sci Fi stuff really, not as much as some of my friends, but I’m into fantasy books and the shows which go with them. Recently watched Terra Nova which was right up my street 🙂

      Which shows did you watch as a teen then? Tried not to go pre teen or it would have been all Fun House, Nightmare and Incredible Games!

  2. We didn’t really. Dad had control of the TV, and from 13 onwards I always worked after school – first babysitting, then running an afterschool club. When I got home I’d have dinner then be on my computer so TV watching didn’t really happen!

  3. It seems we took different roads with this blog…but you certainly captured the other half of me which I didn’t even think to explore in mine.

    Neighbours and Home and Away have always been a staple in my house.

    Buffy was great – I too was behind and my friend used to record the episodes and bring them round so I could watch them with him. It was great, wasn’t it?!!!

    Not so much a Roswell fan, I was more into Charmed around that time. But The Tribe, oh how much I love those Kiwis. Do you remember Tai-San? When she blew herself up in that lab…and then turned up on Neighbours? 😛 Oh how I miss The Tribe. I still have the soundtrack on my computer, I love those songs. The dream must stay aliiiiiiiiiiiiive.

    And omgosh…The Queens Nose, The Demon Headmaster and The Wild House…I LOVE THIS LIST.

    • It’s so funny, I was thinking about Charmed when I was writing it. I loved that show also, but it was just never on tv so I couldn’t get into it. Then by the time I thought about watching all the episodes on tv it was so dated there didn’t seem to be much point. A bit like Ally McBeal!

      Tai-San annoyed me mostly, I loved Amber most, when they thought she was dead and then she was in the jungle tribe, ohhhh the drama!! I’l watch them all again in a heartbeat 😀


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