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Day 20 – The Birthday Party

 Katy S – Turning over a new leaf – can people really change?
Katy P – Teleport yourself somewhere – where did you go?
Peg – Tweet – Share some of your favourite tweets from your feed.

Bsshhhhoiiiiingg…..bsshhhhoiiiiingg…..bsshhhhoiiiiingg. The metal cylinder around me seems to pulsate with light, up and down, up and down, faster and faster as the circular walls spin clockwise. My wristporter contracts slightly and I brace myself for impact. It’s so tempting to close your eyes, but best not to if you can help yourself, it only enhances the feeling that you’re falling without a parachute!

Porters like these have been around for years, invented for military use at first but, as with everything the benefits were too vast to be hidden from the world for long. After a few years they became a crucial part of the media world as politicians, celebrities and royalty alike adopted them as a swift and secure mode of transport. It was only very recently that the technology became affordable for the everyday citizen and transport pods have been appearing in front rooms ever since. The sensation takes some getting used to, somewhere between the Waltzers and taking off in a 747, but as long as you take the preport nausea tablets the effects usually wear off within a few minutes.

As the walls stop spinning and the lights dim I swallow the postport tablet and exit the pod. The heat causes my breath to catch in the back of my throat and I can’t help but lean, like a sunflower towards the light source in the sky. This isn’t my first flight, working in New York and living in Melbourne I use the port twice a day, 5 days a week, but it still fills me with wonder. Stepping in from the Manhattan blizzards only to emerge, seconds later, in the midst of an Australian summer is really something.

A delicious scent distracts me at that moment, and with delight I realise my flatmate has picked up Thai food on the way home. The spicy aroma sets my stomach rumbling

‘Don’t come in here yet!’ a voice calls from the kitchen as if reading my mind ‘you need to change! Your outfit is hanging in the bathroom!’

Zoe…amazing, but a control freak. Grinning to myself I head through the second door to my left to change. Awaiting me is a gorgeous white dress, complete with flip flips and a box of glow bracelets. It doesn’t offer much in the way of clues. What’s she up to?

‘Come in the kitchen when you’re ready!’ Zoe yells. Obediently I slip the dress over my head, tie my hair into a loose braid and follow my nose.

‘SUURRPRRRISEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ the call from the crowd makes my jaw drop,  ‘Happy birthday!!!!!’ they yell again as I’m showered with party popper ribbons, hugs, kisses and have a glass of something bubbly pressed into my hand. I try to take in the faces around me, family, friends and even some co-workers who had been suspiciously absent during the last hour of work are all grinning at me like idiots. Zoe really went all out!

‘Were you surprised?!’ she questions, dancing round me ‘Mark said you had figured it out, but I didn’t think so! You had no idea right?! We surprised you!?!’

‘You surprised me!’ I laugh ‘I honestly had no idea!’

‘Haha! I knew it!! See Mark…total success!!!!’

‘Well how else was I supposed to wind you up?’ Zoes boyfriend shrugs nonchalantly before giving me a peck on the cheek ‘Happy birthday kiddo! Hungry?’

‘Starving!’ I say ‘Especially as I smell my favourite!’

We head out into the garden, which has been decorated with long trestle tables and such an assortment of chairs and cutlery I can only assume everyone brought their own. Within no time at all we’re slouched in our seats amazed at the amount we each managed to consume. The sun is slowly sinking over the horizon and I take a moment to pause and look around me at the smiling faces of all those I love.

‘Can you imagine the cost and time it would have taken to organise something like this before?’ I say ‘It would have been impossible. Aren’t we lucky to live in a time when we can do this kind of thing?’ My family and friends smile in agreement just as the garden lights up with a thousand twinkling fairy lights. This has been the best birthday a girl could ask for. Lucky lucky me!

Scores after day 19:

Katy S: 17
Katy P: 17
Peg: 16


About LilMissKaty

Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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  1. Oh wow…what an awesome thought. Living in one country and commuting to another is insane, especially with the changing seasons. Haha.

    I love how it’s written like a story, very inventive.

    I imagine that’s proper Thai food from Thailand too? 😉

    • Aye, tis indeed! Was gonna explain but figured you’d work it out!

      I meant to write where I would go, now, if I could, but this just kind of happened all by itself. When that happens you just go with it right? Voila.

  2. Hahahah Katy this is fantastic 😀 Where did it come from?!


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