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Three things – 9th February

Who knew I would need this three things lark so much this month? It feels a little too coincidental that so much would be bogging me down the very week I start a daily happy thoughts blog, but there you go.

  1. A new high score – a friend and I have started a little friendly Bejewelled competition since he received an iPod touch for Christmas. I sent a photo of my all-time high (on my phone, I don’t have a record of the computer one) only to be informed I must have cheated (yeah right! :P). There are two ways to play bejewelled, online where you receive 3 ‘boosts’ (i.e. extra time, a multiplier etc) and find various gems which aid your score, or offline which offers only 1 boost and no hidden gems. Yesterday, in a bid to prove that the version on my phone was easier than the one he had we swapped, on the proviso that I did NOT beat his high score. Oops. Annoyingly I also beat MY high score, but on his machine…that’ll never do! Today at lunch all scoffs at my bejewelled ability were blown out of the water, not only did I beat my high score on my phone (208,000), or the one on his (230,000) I came close to my ONLINE high score, all while being watched! Yeah, 521,600…read it and weep. Don’t even care how geeky this one is 😛
  2. Home cooked yumminess! My lovely mummy made me some delicious food to live off this week and today I had some for my lunch. Why is it that when mum cooks it, cleans it, or generally takes care of it it’s always better than anything you could do? Was a very good lunch.
  3.  I’m going out for dinner later; it’s a work thing to thank some students who helped us run a telethon before Christmas. They’re a good bunch, we’re going to a nice restaurant, and afterwards I have a room in the castle, maybe the last time I get to sleep in this ancient place. That’s worth a happy thought right?

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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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