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A treasured discovery!

I love finding old things, photographs, diaries, postcards from years ago. Today I found an old scout book of my grandad’s, Colin Forrester. It was written in 1946 and tells tales of his adventures; nights out at sea, camp fires on deck and trecks around London, what a time he had!

A few pages in I discovered a poem, of all things!! Having giggled away at it I thought I might share it with you…

by Colin Forrester

There once was an old fellow named Antony Clair
And he was famous everywhere,
A conjuror of great renown
for he used to play with his boots

As he was walking down the street
he met a maiden, fair and petite
who thought it would be a very great treat
to see a man play with his boots

As he was slinging them around and around
down they came with a heck of a bound
right upon the head of her hound
who was watching him play with his boots

The maiden was with grief distraught
she swore she’d take the case to court
and have the man properly taught
how not to play with his boots

So seeing a policeman passing by
she shouted loudly ‘hi hi hi!
My poor little doggy has been hit in the eye
by a man who plays with his boots!’

They took him to the magistrate
and lodged him in the cell of state
and left him there to contemplate
how not to play with his boots

The case was tried without delay
In fact it was the very next day
The magistrate said he didn’t see why
a man should play with his boots!

Now Ant has gone to rest
of all conjures he was the best
for he slung them round with a special zest
these wonderful, marvellous boots!

I hope it made you laugh as much as it did me!!!


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Just a normal girl who likes to try new things, go on adventures, spend time with fun people and tell stories...which is how this blog came about really!

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